Failure is an Event

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Home Studio Corner:

Comments says:

This and your Choose You videos are great. Thanks for the motivation, Joe!

Amir Hidayatullah says:

Realize it! Thanks Joe.
More 2-minutes tips to wait.

Marco Castellanos says:

great quote Joe! I´ve have felt like this so many times, always good to remember your point! Thank you and keep on the good work my dear friend!

Manuel Sfks says:

Psychic Joe, you're right I needed to hear that.

Fritz Schindler says:

Thank you, Joe. Great reminder and important for pretty much all of us at some time or another. Loving the mix of audio and encouragement content! Hope to meet you someday and say thanks for everything in person. Happy songwriting weekend!

Shane Abbott Music says:

I feel ya bro, same thing with my workout today. I just remind myself that I was one of the few that actually showed up and attempted something

BKGuttenfelder says:

Loved Zig! Had the pleasure of attending his Sunday school class while living in Dallas! Awesome guy, great teacher! Good outlook Joe!
Always keep moving fwd.

Y64 Studio says:

puuh thats strong. just the right word at the right time for me….it comes in the same hour i needed … thx Joe

Bruce Ennis says:

Oh boy another pep talk from coach Joe. How about your focusing on making music, gear and less on overcoming failure and pick me up topics. Your stating to sound more and more like a preacher than a musician.

Gareth McNicol says:

I needed to hear this today, of all days. Thanks Joe.

A99 Productions says:

Failure is an event – That's SO fucking right 🙂 like from me as always

DOVI Recording Studios says:

I would love a few shots of your songwriting session in the cabin. Sounds fun. Another lesson for the day. We have all been there. Thanks for the reminder buddy!

Carlos Alfaro says:

Your past can either be your tombstone or it can be your stepping stone.

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