Faderport Tremolo Trick

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iamJCL50 says:

Your calling my current faderport ancient? 🙁

M-Mixing says:

Great trick!

Scott Spaulding says:

I personally love the work flow of using the fader port to mix and automate with. In fact I relacelnty got the 8 channel fader port and barley touch my mouse and keyboard now . I find the work flow makes me use my ears more and now that I know it inside out its faster for most things

Ken Corkins says:

Could you use a modwheel on a midi keyboard for the same effect?

todd Tab304 says:

I have an SL3 mixer, and a faderport.
Thought when I got the mixer, I wouldn't need the faderport.
…… Use it just as much now.
Even when in DAW mode during mixdown.

Love that little guy!

Erik Sihlberg says:

Cool! But cant your presonus mixer integrate with Studio one directly?

Adam Rogers says:

Great tip Joe! Pretty sure you could assign the depth control on the x-term to a mod wheel on a midi keyboard if you don’t have a faderport too. I do that with wah wah and it’s great fun.

Gravity One says:

Good day, Joe

Brandon Hambright says:

So record guitar, connect faderport, automate, record tremolo?

Ryan Georgi says:

Great tip! Thanks for the advice.

Believe it or not, this is actually the first time I see anyone manually automating something in a mix.. I knew people did it in some way, but I never figured out how! So thanks for that too!

Chris Verner says:

Shout out to Matt Scannell

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