Explain the Chain: Akon – Low Key

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Matthew Weiss breaks down his mix processing chains in a new Akon song.


BeatsByDEO says:

Been digging this album alot, great work dude. Any chance of breaking down the mix on "Bottom", that record sounds sooo good, the bass is especially nice and fat

RazzerRaw says:

9:47 why do you think they're a weird company? I only ask because I know some people that go insane over them

Jeal bleam says:

Can you produce an song for me
My ig jealbeam

Lexx Carver says:

Brother more!!! Do more!!! These are amazing. Maybe some reggaeton !!!

You ok? says:

Woah. One of the best tracks on 'Akonda'.
Thank you for you hard work. 🙂

Be Mule says:

Do the same for vocals too man,

morenazo952 says:

All the money that Akon has and he cant get a tracked out mix?

razorgarf says:

I will never get used to that autotune, ever

Fleur De Lys says:

What about that vocal top end ? its..meh..

Eric Gray says:

Great vid! Is waves center a good option to use on the 2 track? Also is it possible u can do a vid on akon's vocal chain

Sevenhx Records says:

tht metal snare thing sounds harsh …to me….

JAY love says:

hey math can i intern for u u the best

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