Explain The Chain: Akon – Can't Say Know

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A new series where Matthew Weiss breaks down the what and why of processing in a mix.
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Brage A says:

This is so detailed and subtle. I can't relate. It's got nothing to do with the song becoming a hit or not.

Marky Goldstein says:

Sad that they invented this style

EasyStreet Productions says:

Awesome Tut

Arkayem says:

I thought I was the only one who knew about that HLS trick. lmfao

Russplight says:

Thanks for the vid Matthew. You look so much more vibrant and healthy. You should do vid on the importance of physical and mental health relating to making music and life.

M says:

Awesome video! Prefer the 251 as well, but the version out still sounds great.
Any insight on how you mixed the beat, particularly the low end?
Also how often do you use SAND2 or Acustica? Have you tried the new update – SAND3?

JulianFernandez says:

so good. thanks!

Anthony Cummings says:

I like 49. 251 is way too brite. Your winning out here with the work! Great job man


World will be better without autotune

I AM SUNNY says:

This is some very informational stuff, thank you so much Mathew, you're the best!
Also I know Akon will be watching this so I gotta do a shameless plug and ask you guys to check out my work out as well, I am a producer from Greece, you won't be disappointed!

Desmond Bosire says:

I actually prefer the M49 emulation over the 251 on this vocal. Love the mix

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