Essential Music Theory Every Picker Should Know

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Michl ! says:

I'll never understand… 🙁

shakejunt3hunna says:

This dude is literally ders from workoholics

Greg Farley says:

That was cool.

16bitFishing says:

At first I didnt understand how you knew the 5th fret on the d string was a g. But then I figured you just go up the alphabet. Thanks Ben this video helped me.

Jude Miller says:

Thank you for this free lesson. I'm almost 60 y.o. And I want to learn to play the banjo.

Timothy Ryan Fisher Old School Music says:

I've watched 3/4 of this video and so far you are right on so I'm passing it along to some of my students.

Deborah Hartman says:

i want to learn melodic style playing- will your videos teach me that?

buz butler says:

Great videos Ben. I'm a Dobro player and love the BlueChip thumb pick and was wondering if you ever tried one?

Darrel Schweitzer says:

Really cool 5th fret inlay on that banjo. I want one!

Alice Reighley says:

Mind. Blown. 

Alex says:

what kind of banjo is that? who made it? where can i get it? 

Luis says:

Does anyone know the name of that song that's playing at the end of the video? Thanks.

MrInternut says:

Very helpful…thankyou.

Dylan Barber says:

5o, rather for the passing chord

Dylan Barber says:

Do you think you could post a very advanced lesson on chord theory and shapes in different modes and maybe tuning and explain chordal passages. Like along the lines of like in Lydian mode you can pass from m3-7 to m6 with a #7'. Like that idea but in more areas? That would be really cool.

webadage says:

I've played guitar and banjo for over thirty years but it wasn't until a couple of years ago when I taught myself keyboard that I learned music theory. I still only know a handful of chords on stringed instruments but I know ALL of them on keyboard because it is only one linear line of logic to deal with. Good lesson Mr. Clark. Keep em coming! 🙂



Keith Rose says:

Hey, what's the make of that banjo? Notice the the 5th string peg is on the head vs. the neck.

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