Essential Knowledge For Musicians – Intervals | Music Theory Ep. 5

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Episode 1: The most ESSENTIAL thing when you’re learning music theory –

Episode 2: What you need to know: The most important SCALE –

Episode 3: Understanding CHORDS (Ep. 3 Music Theory) –

Episode 4: The beauty of Sus2/Sus4 and Barre Chords! –

In this series we’re exploring how you can make chords on the guitar yourselves. From a complete beginner to a player who can freely make, alter, break down and analyze chords. I’ll take you through the steps you need to learn to master these techniques and make them your own. This will greatly benefit your playing and overall knowledge of the instrument and music theory in general.


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Team AraBitcoinFMC says:

Oh David….I Would Give The World For Having Your Skills In Playing…………..It's All Emotions, Which Is Something Largely Lacked In Musicians Now Adays…….Keep It Up Man..We Love What You're Representing In Every Seconds Of Your Videos….Greetings From Turkey….

Saurabh Bajpai says:

Okay at 0:07, the light in the room behind you shuts off on it's own. What's up with that bruh?

Tim Spencer says:

Excellent. Haven't heard this explained better! Thanks πŸ™‚

#Rainbowbaba says:

Thanks mate✌

Gil. Guedin says:

In the key of C, B is a minor 7th right? If that so, a major 7th would be a C again? So what would a perfect 8th be? I got a little confused here since a while already… Or would it be Bb since the interval is bigger? Damn…

Josh Will says:

You r da best!!!!

Rahul Gill says:

sir you are best teacher plz make a lesson of free falling by tom petty plz plz plz plz

Bohrvon Liu says:

In the key of C, C to G is a perfect fifth, etc. But what is the interval from D to E, or D to F, or E to G, still all within the context of C as home base. Is there a study on that?

Juan Pablo Avalos says:

Looking forward to the sixth episode…thanks for the lessons. Learned a lot watching you.
Greetings from Chile

Ziggerath says:

I WAS SOO HYPED For a second. who else thought he was going to talk about the band Intervals?

john paul roman says:

thanks man keep on doing a great job

pingolexx says:

I love the theory series

Tommy Casey says:

Great video, Paul! Very informative, thanks so much!

Paul Curtis says:

Brilliantly crafted little lesson Paul. Cheers!

guillerman20 says:

Idea for video:
Playing sitting vs standing
I think we all had (or have) some troubles on this
Thank you Paul.

ChuckMarteau says:

I remember Eddie Van Halen saying that learning the guitar is ALL about learning intervals.

Joel Hansen says:

Thanks Paul.
Would love to hear your walk through of Circle of Fifths and their 'practical' use. πŸ™‚
Just an idea!

Herter says:

"muthic".. πŸ˜€

JunHee Kim says:

I already know all these but i still watched it because you explain them in such a way that can't be unheard and very very clear! I love your videos man, keep on rolling!

Rishik Chatterjee says:

Hey, soon i am coming to Amsterdam. Hope we'll meet

Someone says:

05:04 Chopin Waltz C-sharp minor

Simon Laestander says:

Name the show the Music theory seory?

Donkey Kong says:

F chord is my favorite chord thanks Paul

Jorick Lania says:

Even though i already figured the biggest bunch of info about Intervals out on my own, I was still able to learn some stuff from your video. Amazing quality as always, Paul!

Tobi He says:

The only intervals I know is Aaron Marshall

downhill2400 says:

I consider my introduction to Intervals as the first real step toward becoming a guitarist! I'll still watch this complete series to get this instructors point of view on the process and I'm sure I'll learn something new!

Arenmong Jamir says:

The way u talk makes me hungry

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