#Earthworks SR314 Review

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Learn more about the Earthworks SR314: https://imp.i114863.net/NMgKK
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Joe Jurneke says:

Like the glasses

Eduardo Arake says:

wow I didnĀ“t know you have a yt channel! I was a subscriber of your website a long time ago and really helped me a ton! awesome to see you here!

Caleb Fredrick says:

hey Joe, what mic do you think is better for acoustic guitar, neuman km184 or earthworks sr25

Outrageous Producing - Mix like a pro says:

Nicely done with the earthworks mic!

Dewey Paul, Jr says:

That guitar as a beautiful tone. And that mic picks them up well. I hope you are doing well, my friend. My best to Pam and your children.

Learner Forever says:

The rejection is amazing! This makes it suitable for home studios suffering from bad soundproofing & acoustic treatment.

Snidely Wiplash says:

YIKES! That's an expensive Mic!

The Online Busker says:

700 dollars??? I could buy 2 or 3 Lewitt mics for that!!

everythingcomputer says:

When you were showing us the earthworks it was Distorting and popping quite a bit….

Kineticartist says:

earthworks mics are from the future 300 years in the future great video

Danny Harper X says:

I love your videos Thanks

michael tablet says:

Great video! Great looking and sounding mic. I record a lot of people who are not used to being in the studio. They will not be intimidated singing into this mic and I'll get great audio. Logging into sweetwater now.

Pete Kreft says:

awesome mic !

Omega Red Drums says:

I may be a little late but what happened to the m audio monitors? Did they finally crap out?

P. Cruz Media says:

Awesome and detailed review. Thanks!

RighthavenMusic says:

That mic has a great quality!! I hope I can get one!!!

Philip James Doyle says:

these electric toothbrushes really are worth the money

Nadeem Merchant says:

Mic drop! Lol

Anthony Cunningham says:

Great content as usual! More of these please!!

The Recording Dummies says:

Always a good common sense to your reviews Joe. Our go to channel for our new challenge for a bunch of newbies to write, record and promote our own album into the UK rock top 40 albums and film it as we go.

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