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Drum Recording Session in Cubase 9.5



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Mustafa Hasan says:

Hello sir, theres a lot of cubase 9.5 products….is it the same with cubase elements 9.5 for drum tracks recording? it cost like $80

Louis Turse says:

Man i wish steinberg would develope the Android wireless remote more… Ugh…

Cc Newell says:

Great vids thanks and please keep'em comin!

Terry B says:

I Like your drum sounds with the micing technique . It's a great place to start a mix from. Thanks for sharing.

From The Sun says:

Hi when doing a drum song in takes how do i hear the previously recorded part (when recording) without having to duplicate folders a few times or is that the only way. Sonar had a feature to let you record over and hear back exsiting takes on the same channel was super useful

Jeroen Simons says:

For the bassdrum holes you can buy a coverplate optional…Looks a little bit better and the air stays a bit inside…:)

Guiliano Wells says:

Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials

Realraven2000 says:

Every song starts with a coffee machine! 😀 😀

Joe Gilder • Home Studio Corner says:

Do you ever find the clip-on mics resonate more with the drum? I LOVE the idea of not having a crapload of stands around, but have always been curious about that.

Claudius says:

Nice "little" room you've got there! 😉 Nice set up as well… 😉

far ema says:

2 questions :
1-where did you get ur pants ? It is awesome.
2-what is the vocal mic that you are using ? Can I buy it in USA?

no name says:

hi man, i love your work, i love when i get a notification for your new video. thanks. because i also have cubase, your videos are priceless . I'm about to replace my current audio interface, have been checking some videos and comments about the steinberg ur824, it could be a good option for me, as we can have 3 of them connected to the same computer, for some extra channels. i have a few synths i would like to have permanently connected to cubase, as well as some external gear. could you please be cool (even more 🙂 and tell me what interface you are using, how many channels Ins you can have/record at once in cubase, and if you are using some additional cards/extensions, like adat, which adat converter are you using. do you have external gear connected to it, with wordsync, etc ? can you further expand the system, with more cards, etc ? thanks in advance, your reply as a pro-intensive-user will be much more valuable than watching 300 videos or reading 300 product spec pages. again, thank you.

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