Drum Programming Basics – How to program drums in Pro Tools [MUSIC PRODUCTION LESSON]

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Download the session and audio files here! – http://bit.ly/2Mu7VXn

Programming drums is a really useful skill for every producer, but it can seem daunting at first. Check out this lesson on Drum Programming for beginners, then download the free audio and MIDI files and try it yourself!

Here’s the link to the FREE Kontakt 5 Sampler library that we used today:


Todd McCown says:

great job dude! but I really want to hear the rest of that song. sounds great!

TechnologyKid says:

Why pro tools are you an able ton hater I thought you used that as your main you should do ableton tutorials

Daniel Jimmy Williams says:

Thank you im going to finally give this a go, for years ive just recorded a solo acoustic.. time to get some beats!

trav v says:

Hey bro are you gonna make any more videos? I really like your content.

Muddybatplays says:

Remake Halo theme

TheDessez says:

Thanks! Very helpful to see how an experienced musician approaches drum programs.

wilde77 says:

Thanks for this vid Dean. I’m working on a piece right now and I’m really struggling with the percussion parts. I’ve always been impressed by how quickly you can come up with an interesting drums part. Keep it up man 🙂

Tiki Horea says:

Yay! Great stuff, sir.

Mistcakes says:

Excellent, easy tutorial to follow, thank you!

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