Dr. B Music Theory Lesson 5 (Note Values, Triplets, Meter)

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0:00 – Rhythm, beat, tempo
2:36 – Note Values and Rests (*Whole note rest hangs from 4th line, not 3rd line)
13:42 – Dotted Notes and Ties
20:57 – Triplets
24:54 – Meter
31:02 – Simple vs. Compound Meter and Time Signatures


Mohammad Saad says:

There is something wrong in your two first silences you talked about I study in Conservatory

Hilary Toussaint says:

Note to all fellow on line student: BE advised not to study the lessons in random order. Unless your just on for review.

Hoàng Nguyễn says:

Holy lightbulb. Dr.B you are an amazing teacher! This series is a must for anyone who wants to take music seriously. Thanks a lot for offering these valuable insights all for free here. Let me know how I can support you to provide great contents like these. Thanks!

Prince Jordan says:

I appreciate you!!! Your Amazing!!! Thank You Dr B!!!

Alex Herb says:

Didn’t think I’d ever hear the half rest hat trick again. I remember learning that in elementary school but I guess it is the best pneumonic

Lucy Adair says:

I have a question about 6/8 time. Why can't you do 3 groups of 2 eighth notes instead of 2 groups of 3 eighth notes?

Dean Martin says:

Dr. You are doing a good job , however I am unable to see what you are writing on the board , if you address this situation you will be on your way to be viewed as number one .

ED NESS says:

Better than Netflix

sekar gopal says:

Wonderful narration and examples

sekar gopal says:

whole note rest is hanging from third line is wrong.
it is 4th line. Lines are counted FROM BOTTOM ALWAYS

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