Dr. B Music Theory Lesson 1 (Circle of 5ths, Scales)

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1. The circle of fifths and key signatures
2. Major scales
3. Minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic)


GD MCB_Blazar says:

The clarity of this lesson amazed me. I watched another video that taught the Whole/Half step approach, introduced the Circle of Fifths halfway through, and forgot about it. I never knew how useful it was! Thank you so much, for making music theory less scary for me and many others.

Terry Adamson says:

Thank you. As someone in middle age and new to music theory, I appreciate the clarity and structure of this lesson. I will definitely check out the others.

Jervi Lopez says:

You made explaining the scales easier!!

Lar M says:

Is it a intermediate/advanced music theory course professor ?

iamspoonbender says:

All these explanations make everything so clear. The lightbulb has clicked on ! 🙂

Flat says:

Best instruction on Music Theory online! Thank you.

Theo Hornsby-Walsh says:

Great videos, thanks

Felipe Correa says:

Very nice! Do you also have some exercises or worksheets for us to work on? Thanks!!

Rio Pradipto says:

summer playlist

Fako Mendo says:

awesomen lesson! I can't go to a music school and this videos really helps me, thank you very much

Amir Hosein says:

Very Helpful, I really enjoy your way of teaching. Thanks a lot.

Duy Khánh Hoàng Lê says:

GReat Dr… I love it

Metal Head19 says:

Thank you so much sir!

Komi Al-Hakam says:

Great video Christopher! I'd be extremely grateful for a video on a) writing melody and b) writing "riffs" for contemporary music (there aren't many on Youtube). Thank you!

raaj chaudhary says:

Dr. i want to understand the meaning of the term natural,harmonic and melodic. can you please send me any of your link explaining this

SUN MI JIN says:

Best music theory lectures! Currently I need to review music theory and history for grad school entrance. I am very grateful for the lectures you gave!

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