Does Yooka-Laylee's Music Stay Faithful to the Banjo-Kazooie Style?

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Yooka-Laylee is a really interesting game in a lot of ways, but most interesting to me is its music (surprise, surprise). Since the game invites so many comparisons to Banjo-Kazooie I couldn’t resist seeing how the soundtracks stacked up against each other, and I was surprised to find A LOT in common on a technical level between the two scores. Enjoy my breakdown of what gives both of these games their distinct, goofy sound!

Kirkhope Interview:

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Cheefoo says:

"I don't use this word lightly"
Uh oh, is he about to drop a Z-bomb?

Joshua Paine says:

Hmm. This music around 6:30 reminds me of Wizard 101. Such great music in that too!!!

z z z z says:

Every time a Bm chord was played on piano I unironically expected the Jojo meme to follow it up

BD Swick says:

You should make a video on using instruments to symbolize different characters in the same song, like how the sumo bros theme from Paper Mario: The Origami King has guitar for the main sumo bro and synth sounds for the smaller sumo bros.

Nick says:

I really appreciate the time you put into videos like these. Banjo and kazoo is a childhood classic for me, though I didn't have as easy a time with it as with Tooie.

Might a tanuki ask an 8bit to do a shenmue video?

Vinicius Queiroz says:

Maybe the "loss" of energy in Yooka-Laylee was intentional! I mean, Grant knew it was a spiritual sucessor to Banjo-Kazooie, that was being launched 20 years later. The main audience would be the people that played Banjo-Kazooie in their childhoold, but they are 20 years older, so they also lost some energy during this time.

Ary Szpic says:

You have 340k suscribers. You deserve 1M. Thanks for this awesome content!

cloudcleaver23 says:

Grant's music was one of the defining aesthetics of my childhood. As someone who only generally retains unpleasant or embarrassing memories, it's a relief to be able to hear a soundtrack and go back to memories of happy feelings, even if I can't recall a specific occasion to go with the nostalgia.

UberTuberBackPacker says:

Can you cover Megaman Battle Network's music theory? Obscured as it is but that game really has amazing chords and harmonics.

Brock Brown says:

I'm glad i -> vii is getting some love. vii is a mean, mean boy.

Ryan Howard says:

This is getting off the topic but there's so much of DK64 that uses the same elements – it would be interesting to compare that soundtrack as well to see what unique flavors Kirkhope used there. Probably could be a whole other video.

RobinLSL says:

Shouldn't that E natural at 8:30 be an F flat?

turkeysamwich00 says:

I’m fairly new to this channel, so forgive me if you’ve done it already, but do you think you could do a video on Tim Follin? I would love to know mathematically why his music goes so hard

Frodo Baggins says:

I prefer Banjo´s soundtrack because i feel like a kid again when hearing it.
Nostalgia FTW.

William Alex Young says:

One thing the Banjo score has on its side is the fact some of the melodies are adaptations of nursery rhyme hooks which Yooka doesn't have to fall back on, meaning there's already a level of familiarity with some of the songs in the Banjo score.

Daniel Kraußer says:

It would be awesome to see a video on the music of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle! 🙂

KazDragon says:

5:23 You mention later on that he appeared to have taken inspiration from cinematic composers. On first listening of this section, my thoughts were, "This is what we would have got if Chopin had been watching Harry Potter just before composing his funeral march."

Mario - says:

would you ever do the splatter house ost..? kinda boring but you get requests

Amlias says:

I was a music major for one year before I knew I didn't have what it took, but your videos let me get back into music in such a great way. I love the videos and what you do with them.

SgtKickass926 says:

Anyone hear the first bar of melody from the main theme of Yooka Laylee and think of La Ci Darem La Mano?

Victor Girardin says:

You're amazing dude. Saw you grow and you improved so much. good job from a drummer to another

Nathan55411 says:

Banjo was a pretty good collectathon, but I'm a bit more of a Spyro or Jak and Daxter guy. I really wish I knew more about how Stewart Copeland wrote the Spyro soundtrack. I've seen the Playstation Underground interview, I've heard people say it's mixolydian pentatonic and I even have the soundfont, but I still don't know what kind of magic he did! Maybe requesting that would be a reason for me to consider joining Patreon…

Eitan Medina says:

Sounds like Overcooked

Nicholas Richer says:

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair had 4 composers whereas Yooka-Laylee had 3. While the “style” is bit more all over the place I think Impossible Lair’s soundtrack is way better than Yooka Laylee’s. Easily one of the most underrated games in recent years

Sean-key Kong says:

Yooka Laylee's music sounds like banjokazooie banjotooie and donkey kong country mixed there tracks up and put a modern spin on it then you're get something similar, not just their music got mixed, they go mine cart courses.

'M'ake Something says:

The visuals were noticeably improved here :::))) great as always, dude!

Cato Universe says:

I was today years old when I figured out that yooka-laylee is pronounced ukulele

C.J. Arnce says:

You’re currently my favourite youtube channel and I’m so glad I found you! I’d love a video on the musical compositions in the Rayman series (specifically Rayman 3), and how the music is both cartoony and animated but also perfectly captures how dark the game is!

Dion Spyro says:

I grew up with Banjo-Kazooie, and I've found that these harmonic structures are kinda everywhere in my own work. It's a totally subconscious influence and I've only recently realised it.

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