Do You Need to Learn Music Theory to Make Good Beats?

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Michael Granberry II says:

Learn how to play an instrument and make beats

YF Chan says:

what is 1 6th four five chord??? super confusing suddenly.


jeeeze there's levels to this shit

Saturium Musiq says:

Your Web-site dont working in Russian host internet, I`m use VPN all times for get access to your site. All times, any links. ๐Ÿ˜€



gaurav vashisht says:

Thanks for your help. You are genius and I think that I am following you from more than 1.5 years and what I have learned can't be explained into words. As I have started from 0 and you have me a hero.

kensley94 says:

music is music, just makes sure it sounds good ๐Ÿ™‚

FREE B says:

No you don't need to but it's extremely time consuming not knowing theory. Trying to build a melody takes a long time. You have more freedom when you know theory, all the best musicians think a few steps ahead… As they say knowledge is power and if you don't have the knowledge you won't be very powerful.

Michael O says:

Answer before watching: No, you do not!

meesie1 says:

It doesnt really sound original, most producers cant even play the piano and create very good and catchy music. It doesnt matter, it is all about talent and being creative! Make your own stuff and dont copy others.

Ayite says:

For anyone just starting out, think of music theory as a starter kit. It's a PRESET for playing an instrument. Years ago, someone decided to become really great at playing an instrument so they created a way to document progress…(music theory) and created an outline for themselves to basically jump back into what they were doing. Scales are a CHEAT code to what sounds good not an absolute thing.


I think music theory is great to also know when and how to step out the box.. Also I don't agree with the # code system when finding chords..With music theory when you know 1 major 7th chord u know all 12…Same as minor etc…I don't have to start from the root and countย  I know it…

Ayite says:

great tutorials BWB.

Mr T says:

who can give me their thoughts on the music theory course? I'm thinking about buying it but want to hear some other people's input first

themegaabe says:

1:582:24 me in a nutshell HAHA

Aj Koster says:

In my music theory class, we learn a concept, then spend the rest of the class applying it in music program. There's little to no homework as well, and I like it a lot.

khotso Thulare says:

i can make cool catchy beats…but to make a full legit song is still my weakness. Can you make a video on full song production, or if you have already one, reply with link please

DanBardan says:

thanks to busy works beats

DanBardan says:

thanks for tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaron Oreally says:

Lmao, so much people are hating on this video, Go to the website in the description and read/learn what's there. Of course you dont need to learn music theory to make good beats but its REALLY good to have that knowledge. It also takes a lot out of traditional music theory learning in schools.

Nilesh Singh says:

hello sir u say audience this my last video

BASS & LAK says:

Knowledge is power. There is no right or wrong way. Just different choices.- @CADILLAKTRACKZ

Empire supporter says:

If you wanna make a beat go to busy works.cooom, if you wanna sound as good as me go to busy works .cooooom, if you wann have a nice sequenzer like this go to……right, busy works.cooooooooooooom

Mike Parmar says:

Thank You..!

gaba922 says:

I'm really close to unsubscribing this guy

At this point he's just put a click bait in the title of the videos and doing thing he already explained in the past just with a different name to make more money

E-Jay Hylton says:

anybody who is the top of their genre or within the top 100 in terms of popularity knows music theory. if you think its cool neglecting it because its associated with a cage in mentality you have been mislead, theory can be used to be like everyone else and used to weigh down your self or used to break rules and do unusual things. your melodies and or chords gonna be weak as hell. secondly you really cant run from it, you gonna need to learn to how tune stuff to diff notes ( theory here ), even learn what ADSR is learning theory but you need to know that shiz, do both man, be a wild child and break rules but have your roots strong musically learn some stuff and it will make your music better. even if youre not very creative but know theory and make music you can earn a living LOL, i dont think you gonna go far without that theory. all my favourites i bet you they can tell me some stuff about music not necessarily a 9th minor 5 over 3 selling weed to 2nd chord but have good good knowledge

Chuck Pariah says:

You need music theory to make good music.

J says:

Helps so much man, thanks for uploading these

nostalgia junkie says:

to make beats, no
to make music, absolutely

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