DO YOU NEED MUSIC THEORY FOR PRODUCERS?? 💜(Music Theory for Beginner Producers)

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DO YOU NEED MUSIC THEORY FOR PRODUCERS?? 💜(Music Theory for Beginner Producers)
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In this video I’m showing you guys how to learn music theory for beginner producers. I take you guys with me in Melodics and show you how to learn music theory really quickly! The knowledge of music theory is very important for every producer (beginner or not). Enjoy this new beatmaker & producer tutorial.

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Nonimi Lokaya says:

πŸ˜€ hahhahhhah

DapuZzi says:

Imagine skypierr and existanze making a beat together:D

_NORWIN YT_ says:

All the tips always help

Ged Agnors says:

The problem is not in music theory, of course it is better to know it.
The problem is in the bad taste in general, when "yo" is the most intellectual word in song, (and it isn't even a song, it's just mumbling and you don't need skill for doing that).

gumz says:

I've been a musician since i was 6 (17 now) and music theory is not a problem for me and idk what i'd do without it because is sooooo helpful

Mohamed aziz abidi says:

holyyyyy fuck thank you really I was waiting for that <3

gRiM says:

As a producer, learning music theory definitely will take you to another level.

insightibanez says:

The Ionian mode backwards turns to the Phrygian mode


I make beats for a year and play piano and have no music theory

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