Diminshed 7th Chord = PORTAL to 8 Tonalities [MUSIC THEORY]

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Already know the theory? Skip to 08:07 to hear OCTERMINUS
Tab and MP3 posted at my Patreon:https://bit.ly/2zFwzOO
Diminshed 7th chords aka Full Diminshed chords are symmetrical and any note can be considered the root note. They can resolve up a half step to a major chord or a minor chord (or down a whole step to a major or minor chord). Since there are 4 potential roots, this leaves us with 4 places we can modulate to from any given diminshed 7th chord. In this video I explain this concept, then demonstrate how I wrote a piece of music using this same principle.

I treated each new chord as a new key and played a unique scale over each chord. Over the diminished chord, I played the arpeggio or the half-whole scale on top. It turned into a rollercoaster of different tonalities, with each one crashing into the scene beligerantly to take over the spotlight.

One note on B double flat vs A :
A dim7 chord is constructed as root, b3, b5, bb7. We are supposed to respect the alphabet, and the 7th of C is B, the b7 is Bb, the bb7 is Bbb. I don’t find this to be very helpful in the context of this lesson so I ignored calling it by its proper name, likewise when I referred to the last note of Dº7 as B when it should be called Cb. It’s easier to figure out where to go next if we think of B, I do not find any atvantage to tying yourself into enharmonic knots in this secnario.

Other videos I’ve done that relate to this one:
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Paul Rogers says:

Dayum that song was really good

Adrian Trejo says:

In the next episode Jake Lizzio goes sicko mode when he teaches you ___

Donna Benton says:

That was great!

Berke Karaduman says:

Hey can you make a lesson about gypsy scale and how to use it or when to use it ?

John Hendricks says:

This is great for writing songs. This why I'm so interested in learning theory. I loved the key changes my ear got some fresh to listen to.

Randy Bakkelund says:

That was really creative!!

omgtkseth says:

I'm a huge Portal fan but this was a little lame. Anyways, thumbs up.

Igor Kurenkov says:

Hey Jake thanks for the lesson. it sounds much like 80s Malmsteem to me

Geoff Stockton says:

I was almost hoping the whole video was going to be like the intro. I have a channel and I'm just weird enough to do something like that. Not that I'd cop the look or sound of what you did but I like the concept a lot.

sergio doto says:

That was really enjoyable.

Sportxlh 1 says:

good video….i'd like to hear the song on an acoustic guitar (like the Greensleeves video) with no distortion

Michael Inglis says:

Great lesson great example

Gabrol says:

sorry I don't know enough about music theory, but the minor i chord is also the same i chord in dorian, right?
I mean, the diminished chord is also the same in dorian, I guess?

tactlacker says:

Dope cut/video bruh

everett craig says:

Your song sounds like a Castlevania boss fight and that is NOT a bad thing sir.

Wanmohan says:

Hologram sounds like a real freak

Squad Kioorsome says:

It reminds me a lot of dream theater’s stuff, especially in metropolis pt.2

Dominic Rupolo says:

Great Video

travos k says:

It has something mysterious about it.

travos k says:

This is cheating

666cordyceps666 says:

well said there

Jonathan Carbajal says:

Useful. Better than Steve T. Can you please talk about Latin sounds?

Logan Wilbur says:

Thank you. One of your best.

spoddie says:

some of the words he used to describe Dim7 chords: ugly, useless, horrible, garbage,

Paul Fabiniak says:

That minute and a half of music was sonic bliss! It was worthy of the progressive rock artists of the 60s and 70s. My instrument is synthesizer, and I will be incorporating more diminished seventh chords in my work. Thanks!

Jeroen Jansen says:

Very well spoken

Rajesh KL Kapoor says:

Master Jake, doesnt your head explode with all that theory flowing effortlessly, in and out , day in and day out….to know so much….to understand…to put it together for us………..i thank you on behalf of all of us.
I ve been requesting you to do a video on SLAYER thought process and the writing…..behind a few mega riffs……what type of scale they use….their ideas…….your video on the METALLICA scale was brilliant……and harmonic minors etc…….thank you and seasons greetings to all

Rafael Nelvam says:

I've already studied diminished chords, but the metaphor of them being portals is excellent! learning something new everyday

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