Deadlines – Why You Should Always Use Them

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Anup J. Thomas says:

Thank you =)

JackyO Lantern says:

true story

metalvocalistwanted says:

Excellent advice, joe.

LindseyKateDolbear says:

Good advice. I do set deadlines and I work incredibly hard to achieve them…my problem is I’m never satisfied with what I do, so I keep working on it and working on it hoping to get it perfect. I need to get it into my head that my early mixes are not going to be perfect and I’m probably more likely to improve if I mix more songs, rather than mix and remix and remix the same ones hoping to get them just right.

Daniel Jerrehian says:

Studio tour please! 😀

Johnny Lick says:

Oui Vey… Soooooooo Guilty… Very Important…

ternitamas says:

I’m a terrible procrastinator 🙁

cMaXeJIJIo says:

Yeah, but should use a deadline for a whole project, which I, honestly, just don’t know how long will take or set deadlines for a series of smaller, realistic goals for which I can estimate a time cap(ie. tracking guitars)?

riskzerobeatz says:

My biggest problem 😀

Fredrik Lundberg says:

Great tip! When I started to use deadlines I thought to myself, man I should have done this sooner!

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