Dark Melodies Music Theory Tutorial

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Dark melodies use lots of half steps to create tension. These half steps can be applied in any scale.

Watch the video to learn more 🙂

Click Here to Learn More About Music Theory:

Click Here to Learn More About How to Create Melodies:


54baxers says:

How to make video game music

Fluenser says:

Can u show us samurai/asian theory of melody?

James Faircloth says:

Brilliant video I like making dark melody's in my tracks then again mine are normally horror film based tracks.

AY Trin says:

When are you doing another busy works sales for your products i miss em alot i need that music theory and 808 kit you got

Ghostface Killah says:

Im a simple man i see busyworksbeats i click

Chris Delendas says:

Before 1k views lol

Demetrice Henderson says:

Those Great Dark sounds. How nice. I would also like some ***Funk Music*** sounding tutorials… If at all possible.

Zomb Phil says:

I‘d like to know how to do like funky or jazzy melodies or chords. 🙂

Maurice Townsend says:

Just learn music theory fellas and you will get a lot further.
If you want to have your own style trust me.

Nacho Cheese Sauce says:


Junior Escobar says:

Make one for IOS and Android devices. Mobile producers need plugins too.

MIDS1DE says:

I’m gonna try this but with a twist

Squat Well Slavo says:


Ndujamz says:

My man. Great stuff.

McFly Edits says:

iae seu aidético fodido

DMPKillaz says:

Nice video fam. Always quality content.

Preston Strickland says:

First view gang

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