Cubase Tutorial: Turning MIDI into Audio in Groove Agent

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In this Cubase tutorial, you will learn how to turn MIDI into audio in Groove Agent SE 4. It is a trick and tip that will help you with mixing and editing workflow. Especially if you are accustomed to mixing beats in audio. So, I hope you learn something. And check out the links below if you want to help out the channel. Thanks!

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MrDobleagent says:

Can you please vote for this new feature in CUBASE 10? Fold on MIDI editor, poll is in the forum

ato atomas says:

Great video !

IONE says:

select the midi event; chose midi>disolve part (this will split the midi event; into individual track layers); then select all the midi track&render in place; 5 sec job; same result…

FullFledged2010 says:

You would think in 2018 it should be as simple as a one click convert to audio but no, its cubase…

PinkPonyOfPrey says:

Great video to get started with getting sounds out of GA.
There are loads of ways to do everything in Cubase so it totally depends on what the end product is going to be.
Sometimes you want total control and sometimes you wanna go fast …

thehowlingterror says:

Very helpful. Still waiting for Steinberg to make this easier

Wesam Algarwi says:

Thank you
i like it

Doctorfingertips says:

Thanks buddy.

Doctorfingertips says:

Thanks buddy.

saez waters says:

LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the most in depth tutorial for groove agent workflow i have seen in my 8 years of using cubase. yes it was explained even better than greg, over @ club cubase.

Lennard Villasenor says:

excellent. so informative.

avviano says:

Hi David, nice video! BTW, you can also assign output channels to the FX busses & auxs in GA4. Mute FX inserts and sends on GAs global menu bar and record. Then record only the FX channel(s) and mute all others. That way you will have your audio tracks dry, but with the added benefit of additional FX audio tracks. You can still add inserts and do sends in Cubase's mix console for the dry tracks, but then have the extra option of either mixing in the native GA effects or doing an A/B with your 3rd party plugs. If you assign the FX busses to output, you most likely will get the remaining outputs dry anyway, so you might not even have to mute them at the outset. Haven't tried it myself, but in theory that should work. Just a thought…

arristo says:

totally unnessary movements….just render the outputs of groove agent individually…

Yotis Gordios says:

That was really helpfull! I always watch your tutorials! I just have a question, newbie question! I've been told that ,when i export my drums and import as wave files, i should import them as mono files. Same for the bass! Any advice on that? Should i keep doing that, or should i use your way or render in place? Thank you for your time!

apollo slowmo says:

You can assign outputs in GA and just Batch Export it

Ronald Boykin says:

…hey David, I also forgot to mention, Steinberg should get rid of the authorization dongle! It’s sooooo old school and they wear out and break, luckily I haven’t damaged mine (I’ve been through 2 or 3 in the past, I started with Cubase SX), keep it at home in my studio, don’t use Cubase on my laptop anymore because of the dongle! There you have it, my only real complaint about Cubase! Keep up the good work on your videos!

Ronald Boykin says:

I’ll investigate more, thanks!

Ronald Boykin says:

The easiest way is render in place the dissolved midi drum tracks. Too many steps here!

My god says:

Good vid helped a lot for me with LE version of cubase

Tim Morrison says:

Really appreciate these tutorials that you are making, It Is obvious that I need to spend more time with groove agent. This was very helpful. Can you do a tutorial on using rex files in Cubase 9? Not one good tut I could find on youtube. I have a ton of these and would like to know the best way to use them and what Is the benefit of using them. Thank You Much!

Dj Cruzito says:

Thank u 😉

Jesse Evans says:

I love your videos, David, and this is no exception. But there’s an easier way. Set up the channel outputs and turn off all the processing inside GA (as you did), then just render it. That will add all the audio channels to the project window for you (including the names) and create the waveforms. This would be simpler than all the routing in your method. Take care!

Hungry Minute says:

Brilliant, really helpful thanks..
Can you say how you would track the kick, snare etc in mono (GA outs being stereo..) thanks.?
Is it just a case of routing to mono rather than stereo tracks? (Sorry, midi beginner)

Kenny Jobson says:

I like that – but I only have cubase 5 – I think I should be able to do the routing via VST connections?

Rolla Coasta Ride says:

very informative, thanks

Roland Gerard says:

you could use disolve GA track per midi channel and render each midi track.

Somporn Saiklin says:

Thank you for sharing the knowledge, I like it, I am beginner cubase program.

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