Cubase Tips – Delay Compensation

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Dave - says:

hi can you help please I do not have a VST Cloud on my Cubase pro 10.5

Nabeshin07 says:

Thnaks a lot, dude !
You just saved my life ! ^^

Ed s says:

I have exactly this problem with a current composition. The tricky part remains to find out how long / short the delay is. Also with orchestral libraries there is the "problem" of the live samples which can also be off-tempo. Nevertheless I think your tip can be useful and easier than adjusting the channel bars.

Michael Ghelfi - RPG Ambiences & Music says:

Great tip! Thanks 🙂

Jürgen Kraise says:

Is there a way to do it automatically somehow? In order not to set the value manually for each track.

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