Cubase Quick Tips – Automation #1 – Getting started

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Automation in Cubase is incredibly flexible and offers complete control over almost every aspect of a project. Many users are daunted by the prospect of moving into the vast and seemingly complex world of automation. In this first video on automation we cover the very basics. How to set up a track for automation, how to draw, record and edit automation and how to get yourself out of trouble if you feel you have messed it up (you can undo automation).

If you aim to step up your mixing skills, check out this first video and start practicing the basics as we’re going to jump into useful practical automation use cases over the next month. We’ll cover everything from the mix, to vocals, to instruments and FX.


Glorian Gray says:

Hi Andy! Could you explain about "Wrap controls" for the tracks in your next video?)))

Christiaan Bezuidenhout says:

Sigh… When is Steinberg going to change that annoying intro music.

mitchiemasha says:

Still no Random line in cubase 8.5. We're waiting best be seeing it in 9.

Jared Forkner says:

Still the weakest part of cubase is automation. Where are the beziers? Auto show lane for touched parameter? Drag up n down and create nodes? 2016 is almost over but this part of cubase is stuck in 1999. Sorry for the rant but really would love to see this stuff.

Sizzletube says:

great post and tips 😉 Trevor TU^ 24

iñigo muro (TeddYdel99) says:

hello , i have a question: are there any form to use the right pedal to record in a piano?
thanks because when i push the pedal this produces the sound of a note

Sampamba music says:

we missed automation for lng time cograt qbasse

Diego Miguel Calzón says:

Seria super interesante que realizaran video en español, ya que la traducción que se co sigue en subtítulos es nefasta y además si lees no ves las acciones que realizan.Como tienen personal capacitado para hacerlo, piensen un poquito en el mercado español.Gracias

DJ Synchro says:

Once again a very useful video. Love these. Great job. One question/suggestion for future videos: I've been wondering if Expression Maps could be useful in my productions. Could you make a Quick Tip Video about this at some point?
Thanks again for these great little tutorials. Like I said before, this adds huge value to using Cubase and I can't think of using another DAW.

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