Cubase LE, AI and Elements Differences

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Cubase LE, AI and Elements – they are all basically the same aren’t they? Nope! Here’s a quick video to go through the main differences and why you might want to upgrade – or not. 🙂


Nick B says:

I got Cubase LE 8 with my audio interface and immediately bought the upgrade to Elements 8. I just recently bought the upgrade to 9.5 and it is a totally different beast, so much more functionality (Elements 8 seemed to be missing some of the Groove Agent SE functionality.) I've also purchased Wavelab Elements 9.5, Padshop Pro and Retrologue 2 (50% off special offer.)

All in all I have a very functional music PC for very little money.

S. Moosebreath says:

Hi! I need to know how to add a new vst instrument to Cubase LE. Thank you!

Paul TheSkeptic says:

I wish I knew what all those things were.

Timo van de Sande says:

Is there an limit of projects you can work in? With the free version of Pro Tools, I can only have 3 projects max… So if I made three songs and I want to make a fourth, it's only possible if i delete one…..

Ed s says:

You got me confused again. I recently upgraded to Cubase Elements 9.5.
If I login on "My Steinberg" I can use a voucher to upgrade to Cubase AI 9.5. Only 9,- euro but anyway…

According to 'Romantique TP' Steinberg forum, the different versions are: Cubase Pro > Cubase Artist > Cubase Elements > Cubase AI > Cubase LE.

So what would I be upgrading when I use the voucher if Elements has more options then AI? Thanks in advance for clarifying (again).


fuzzfizz says:

wow i feel so lucky. once i got cubase ai4 from my yamaha keyboard and cubase le6 from my zoom interface. i was using the ai because that is what i bought first. and then i bought an upgrade to full cubase 7.5 from ai/le. because i was already running the ai from my laptop, i used the le's activation code for the upgrade. if i used the ai instead, i would have lose the groove agent and the number of tracks and inputs, so lucky. now i upgraded the ai to 9.5 just for €9.95..

JK Rikra says:

I have cubase le activation code, so can i activate cubase element with cubase le activation code?

Simon Smith says:

Good work mate!!

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