Cubase 10 – What You Should Know Before You Upgrade

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Upgrading, installing and using Cubase 10 for the first time.

Link to the list of preference files for Cubase:


Yannick Beaucaine says:

You should totally move to Studio One Pro 4, I was on Cubase for 10 years before and I'm never looking back

1master studio says:

Can't wait for a stable release of 10. I reverted back to 9.5 after having a ton of issues with the GUI, stock plug-in's, right zone and so on. Glad yours is working for you. Good vid.

Dan Moore says:

Good video. Thanks.

You do realize that most of the initial problems you mentioned are not the fault of Cubase. It is not Steinberg's responsibility to make sure third party products are up to date. Just say'n.

NumptyButtkick says:

Cheers for the videos dude. Nice to see you back.
Looked into Studio One? 50% off over this weekend and i've picked it up. Normally use Ableton but i have to say, some of the things in Studio are incredible. Chord track for one 🙂

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