Cubase 10: Audio Alignment

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Cubase 10 introduces an Audio Alignment panel which allows the automation of aligning the timing of different audio tracks. In this video, we take a look at the feature, and see how it works, and how to deal with situations when it doesn’t work completely correctly.

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Arham Saeed says:

You spent 8mins without mentioning how you do it for several events at once congration u done it

SamWilliams_Music says:

So this uses time stretching to adjust the sound? I would use it for double tracked guitars but time stretching guitars lowers the punch of them

Shinique04 says:

Awesome. VocAlign inside of Cubase.

Fid Rewe says:

Wouldn't warping degrade the sound, altering the phase relations and transients?

The Champs says:

Cubase is el Best in Recording Vocal

Robert Jason says:

BTW, does which time base is employed in the session matter? Or WHERE the reference track begins in the session. I can't get it to work even with vocals sung in the session tempo, only 15 ms of at the most. It shifts things hundreds of ms further apart, with a nasty sound to boot. Steinberg support can[t figure it out, but had similar issues there. BTW, I forgot to mention you did a fine job on the video.

Robert Jason says:

Doesn't work at all. It shifts the reference track forward, or just just mis-analyzes the reference. I'm Mac OS High Sierra.

musicmaniac1949 says:

This is the best demo of this feature. I've tried this several times now and the results have been dismal even with tracks much closer than your example. Showing an adjustment alternative gives me hope that it can be useful. Cubase needs to work on this a bit more.

StudioReef says:

Only works for Cubase 10 PRO?
I have Artist but dont see the feature here

P S GAYEN says:

Audio alignment tool is not showing at tool bar. Please help

Yihao Zhu says:

Cool, that's what VocALign does, which cost me $400.

Shahriar Alavi says:

Fast and easy explanation! Good job.

drumbacila says:

This is a journey into sound

Stephane Papineau says:

Don't see this option. Is this a PRO version tool? I have the Artist one.

맹고 says:

This video so cool thank you for being so supportive

zxivixz anonymous says:

Will this also work for double tracking guitar?

Chaddonal says:

Hmmm. So, the phasing doesn't sound so great. Especially if this were for song vocals. Has anyone compared this straight up with Synchro Arts Project to see if Cubase's version gives as effective of results? (I love that Cubase 10 includes such a feature. Just not immediately loving the sound for voice-over).

Tushar Lall says:

Jacob collier is shaking

Jorge Neri says:

My client was blown away when I did it in front of him ahuhuahua great

Lise Cabble says:

I just got it today, but it doesn't work that well

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