Create Vocal Harmonies Like a PRO in Cubase (from a single vocal) #cubase #vocalharmonies #variaudio

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#cubase #vocalharmonies #vocalproduction #variaudio
On this video, I show you how to create the most natural and realistic harmonies in Cubase using Variaudio and some cool pro tips!


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HarpingOn says:

Ah dang. "Pro" only. Cubase Artist users need not apply 🙁 Still cool trick though – I have Harmony Engine which does the same thing, but I have a years old Mac version and I'm using Cubase Artist on PC now. So near and yet so far.

Ajay Mathur says:

Great presentation!

carlim da cruz says:

You need know harmony for operate this, I think… you can listen take 6 and the voices in your music… modulations, etc… for exemple… but it's very cool your explanation…

Malcolm Hodgson says:

That was awwwweeeeeeesssssooommmmmmmeeeee!

Heath Weber says:

Cool capability, but sounds more like a vocorder than actual vocal harmonies. Definitely useful for that modern pop production sound, but not so useful for producing more organic styles of music, except maybe as an arrangement guide for actual singers.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout says:

This is why I've been using Cubase for many years. Always ahead of their time.

Jarich Helderwert says:

This is so helpfull! Wow! Only 1 problem, when i select the notes and press Q, nothing happens. How can i fix this?

West Starr says:

DOM…tthe whole vid is a hidden gem..THANKs dude!!!

Eliyah Haddads says:

please make a video, about ADDING kontakt to cubase and how to open it, because it is very difficult, also adding .rar file and chord changes

Rafael Hernandez says:

(BOOM) Like all your tutorial. Thank you Dom.

Lucas Michalski says:

Hi Dom, thanks for amazing tip and great tutorial. I just miss one thing here, can you please clarify one thing. Once I created my chords in Chord track and create the harmonies like you did. Will those harmonies automatically 'listen' and follow chord track or I have to click something to 'lock' harmonies and chord track? Thank you.

Jim Smith says:

Ooohyah didn't have a clue that you could di this with Cubase . Ikeep saying this about Cubase that it's a bit like my brain where I don't use anything like it's full potential.. Really enjoyed this video and the explanation very clear and so helpful… Thank you. Will now checkout other videos have subscribed

Cadot Records says:

Love your videos and entusiasm!

Flea says:

Los auriculares son pequeños

Sam Samillia says:

You are the perfect ambassador for Cubase. You really know the programm and you know how to share your knowledge in an entertaining way. Love it.

Rahul Noel Massey says:

Hi Dom I have a question which many cubase user are looking for and that is How to pan the middi notes ? I searched all over the internet but i coudnt find the answer…Please help

Windy Lee says:

Wow~~~I can't wait to try it out!!! Great demo, thanks!



japerezesp says:

Thank you Dom. The best tutoríal i have seen about this issue. It is a very good help to improve vocals.

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