CRAZY Guitar Solo Licks (Throw Music Theory Away!)

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CRAZY Guitar Solo Licks (Throw Music Theory Away!)

Have you ever heard one of those crazy repetitive guitar licks guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Dimebag Darrel, and Randy Rhoads play?…

These licks are unforgettable and the strange part is that these guitarists completely throw music theory out the window…

In this guitar solo lick lesson, I break down what these rock legends do to make sure their guitar solos are powerful & more memorable than ever.

So what are these guitar legends actually doing?

They’re taking a simple guitar lick, turning that guitar lick into a pattern, and repeating that pattern over-n-over again until they have one crazy guitar solo lick that captures their audience.

These licks build massive tension. And this is what makes these guitar licks so damn unforgettable.

And although these guitar solos sound INSANE, they’re very easy to replicate. Plus you’ll INSTANTLY be able to come up with your own repetitive guitar licks on the fly…

So throw your music theory out the window, experiment with your own guitar solo licks.

Just repeat those guitar licks again and again and create your own unforgettable guitar solos.

The more you play around with this, the more you’ll start to get it.

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Rock on!

Charlie Wallace
Guitar Mastery Method


Guitar Mastery Method says:

Hey! Make sure you experiment with repeating patterns to make your own unforgettable guitar licks.

And if you want to get your hands on the FREE custom guitar training I mention at the end of the video…
Here's the link you're looking for:

Mike Gaurnier says:

Wow, Charlie. I paid for some of your courses and joined your Guitar Mastery Method site because I wanted to learn about playing electric guitar. I already belong to a site that focuses on acoustic guitar. Watching this video makes me believe you are the right person to learn electric guitar from. You are simply crazy good. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Mark T. Brown says:

Alright! Bout fuckin time Brofee! After all, theory is just that, theory! I've always learned, practiced, & taught the old fashioned way! Hands On! & In Your Face! Tough Love! School Of Hard Knocks! Keep On Rockin! Later! Florida USA!

jason silvers says:

Hey charlie say thank u but i wait get dvd video yet .

vanessa Craven says:

Thanks Charlie – as always you open up new ways of playing and unlock the many mysteries!

Mickey Govender says:

You make it sound so simple, Charlie. Incredible. Your confidence is contagious.

Stanley Rogers says:

Just got a bass guitar from my bro in law. What can do with that?

Infamous Logic says:

Genius playing. Genius lesson Charlie.

Rob Dodin says:

Great stuff. I’d like to know what pedals he’s using to get the distortion/sustain sound ?

jason silvers says:


Hallow334 says:

Dime used that pattern at different locations quite a bit.

Dan Willett says:

I feel sorry for your neighbours if that's 3:00am lol! Great video Charlie! Thanks

Tom Zifer says:

Groovy I am going to try that for sure

jason silvers says:

Thank watch then keep learn practice .

Lukas Strait says:

Happy Landings!
Lol, how about that ending?
I love the way you are willing to leave oopsies like that in the finished product. Sorry I didn't get to say Hi in person when you were in Nashville. Last year was a real pain in the ass for us. If you ever come back I will definitely look you up. Maybe I can show you around some of the more Nashvilly things in town.
Peace and PROSIT!

Mark Robinson says:

Best ending! rofl πŸ˜€

XterraRon says:

Awesome Charlie!

vanessa Craven says:

Fantastic – thanks for opening up a new line of thought – I always thought I had to be locked in to playing in a particular scale – but this is great!!

Ara Ashjian says:

Thanks Charlie!!!

echoblender says:

What a mind opener….I think I was subconsciously doing something like that in your video, just not at the speed that you shred.

Dave Walker says:

haha! Watch that landing! You're such a goofball, Charlie. πŸ˜‰ Just coming off of session 4 of GMX to watch this. I love this stuff! Gimme more of the speedy-shreddy licks, please!
Dave W

Elmer Wilson says:

Damn u sure r so great with the guitar. U have ultimate speed, just very impressive Charlie. That's your album u just cut, hearing u play your guitar on it. I think I know this guy n so bad ass on the guitar. U truly r gifted n u really rock.

michael bowden says:

Great! Stuff

Ron T says:

Really opens up my mind Charlie. Thanks.

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