Crazy Drum Tweaks – Mix Together Season 3, Ep 10

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For this season of Mix Together, we’re featuring the band INDECENT SILENCE from Denmark. They graciously allowed us to mix their song “You’re Not Alone.”

Listen to the entire EP “AWAKE”:

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Watch the original music video of the song here:

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Mark Holden says:

New to mixing and first time using studio one. Running Artist till I get to grips with the basics which means straight away using different effects for reverb and compression and liking the differences between plugins. Your making this a productive journey, cheers.

One thing about your vids (as I'm finding them very useful), is when you zoom in on a plugin so we can see what your changing I'll look to the top of the plugin to check what bus your working in (as i'm mixing along, getting my bearings) but the zoom level or plugin position on screen means I can no longer read this which means rewinding to hunt out that mouse click you made and I missed when you changed track or bus. Found myself Adjusting compression on the wrong vocal and wondering why no changes were happening to the one I was listening to :).

FAKE ROOM – I'm thinking (and off to try) that this little idea may well be worth using when using drum loops to give them that bit of a lift.

Enjoyed your Compression course and I can say you certainly come away from it with a solid understanding of how to use a compressor.

Cheers to the bands that submit tracks for this!

corner liston says:

Hey Joe! Maybe a shorter decay time on the reverb would let you have it louder and not getting muddy? Also a better sounding reverb plugin might help : )
(Lexicon PCM Native Reverb has very nice sounding room reverbs—and I just saw that the price has dropped a lot!)

Andrea Munari says:

great session Joe Thanks!!

Dave Johnson says:

Man, you should have way more subscribers than you do. I watch a lot of mixers out there, including your bud Graham, but I love your teaching style the best and you have great results. I mean when I first heard this track I wasn't thrilled with it, but you've energized it, it's punching me in the face and I'm digging it. Keep 'em coming Joe!

Isaac Pizarro says:

I never liked that room plugin. lol

Josiah Cvar says:

Thanks Joe! That was interesting with the ride cymbal, sounds good! I just wish they would've recorded some higher guitar parts, maybe some with a more sizzly drive. It just feels like a darker sounding mix so far, but that's just my preference…what do you think? Thanks for all you do!


Joe you're killing it with your videos not to mention you're using Studio one which I'm getting today. Thanks man. Keep it going.

Ben Perry says:

so on the vocal alignment isn't offsetting one track just a bit a way to add ambience or delay to the vocal track without a plug in? and i was ok with the ride cymbal sound but ymmv. thanks dude

Edward Halterman says:

Joe, You are awesome! Thank you so much for the great videos as always! Have a wonderful day!

luckyrobotgamer DOGE says:

Sorry that video was annoying

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