Country Songwriting Techniques with Marty Dodson

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Hit Songwriter Marty Dodson joins Michael for a tour de force episode loaded with Country Songwriting tips, techniques, and insider info straight from Music Row! Recorded on 9/26/16

Recorded on 9/26/16 – Captured Live on Ustream at


Robert Lloyd says:

I was bit disappointed in the song Marty chose to sing… why wasn't he sued for copying "Another Saturday Night"??? I am perplexed. The chord structure, melody and rhythm were identical.

Parker Nettle says:

Must be doing something right

John Graves says:

The bridge in Fish Weren't Bitin' is simple and excellent….

John Hepi says:

Great advice

Don Duffy says:

Awesome interview!…I learned a lot from Marty and looks like an awesome resource for songwriters wanting to get published…Batson guitars also grabbed my attention…Great show!

Official Anthony Flake says:

Great site ..I am a indie Artist ..will soon be a taxi artist..just checking you out..sub back

VivaToddVegas says:

TAXI question: Once your track has been "Forwarded" to a music library, how long should you wait (with no contact from the library) before submitting that song to other opportunities (in and out of Taxi)? Of course you want the track to be available if that library is interested, but how long should you wait before you accept that they are not going to contact you for that track? Tracks in modern genres do have a shelf-life before they are less relevant.

Stephen Maloney says:

This has been my favourite episode so far. Both inspiring and informative. It makes me look at my music in a completely different way. Thank-you gentlemen! Now off to check out song town

Barry Young says:

great show, learned alot!

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