Country Songwriting 101: How Do You Write A Song?

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Close sat down with some of country music’s biggest songwriters and asked them for tips on writing country songs. Read more at

Country Songwriting 101 Playlist: Country Artist Interview Playlist:

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The Music Kid says:

No just write a song about beer instead of old gunfights and cowboys

Kat TheFanEnthusiast says:

Hey! It’s actually a nice video about writing country songs! Not some video mocking country’s “formula”.

Orion Harris says:

Well this help me out a lot I wrote about 10 country songs never posted them on here because I thought it was not good

God Hate Watching says:

I bring the girls you bring the beer, and the troops will bring the freedom

B.j. Surfdog says:

This is so cool. I love Antebellums Music and have wondered about their process. Thanks for posting.

AnimalHouseforReal says:

Writing a song is easy.  Writing a good song can be challenging.

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