Complete Piano Theory Course – Chords, Intervals, Scales & More!

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PGN Piano says:

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Vikki Clark says:

What a great opportunity to learn. I just wish for all the effort that must have gone into this. more attention had been given to the vokume. It is difficult to follow something that is hard to hear. Darn!!!

Music Only says:

L17: use of COF.. 1:13:00

Music Only says:

48:00 3 scales to practice with finger no, 55:00 intervals. 59:00 octaves 1:06:00 circle of fifths

daliaMos says:

such an eye opener man, thank you for putting all that effort.

The DirectGeometry says:

5:49 (playing with wrong fingers)

Synthia Photography says:

Thanks for Complete Course in One Video.

Thomas Durham says:

I found this to be really useful knowing little about music theory.

Mox_au says:

Your accent is strange, it sounds like Irish and British, mixed with one of the Scandinavian countries, or somewhere near there.

tof stricker says:

wow wonderfull lecture


I think its a bit to long imo…

Flow Wizardz says:

This is hands down the best introductory piano video I've found. Thank you so much!

Sara Mendes says:

Love it thank you 🙂

Flow Wizardz says:

To the 56 that thumbs downed: you are a load of asshats.

Anna says:

I play the guitar and this is an amazing lesson that applies to the guitar as well.

chaitanya krishna says:

You are the best teacher so far……..can you teach us songs in other languages like hindi?

John R says:

Fantastic lessons, you inspired me to learn more about music theory and maybe become a better pianist in the process. Thanks!

Siena Rose says:

Yayyyy I find the right video to look at for the theory thxx

SomeGuy says:

With this numeric system for the chords it's waaay easier to understand how to play them.
Thanks for this valuable lesson.

J Bulan says:

Best piano Lesson EVVVVVAAAAH!! Thank you so much

EaZy 75 says:

That was really helpful, thank you so much!!
I have a question..
Is there anything like, after a specific chord another specific chord will come!

Arnel Aguilar says:

this is very helpful thank you very much

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