Circle Of Fifths – Why It Matters | Music Theory Workshop – Part 6

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Richard Key says:

" circle of beliefs" is a good Slayer song.just sayin'

Hasan Coşkun says:

videounun amacı key of abcdge deki notaları hatırlamamızı kolaylaştırıcak circle of fifths i öğretmek

Frank Kap says:

An easy way to remember the circle of fifths Farmer Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

Patrick Chong says:

steve is awesome but his boss is an annoying addition to these videos.. he makes them seem to drag on…

Robert Brown says:

It also gives you all of the minor chords of a given key by looking at the relative minor keys for the given key, and the IV and V chord (also major keys on the outer rim of the circle). For C, the minor chords are Am(relative minor of key of C), Dm (relative minor of F key) and Em (relative minor of G key).

Robert Brown says:

Circle gives the I IV V chord progression by look left one click and right one click from a given key. Looking at C, one click left is F (perfect 4th) or the IV chord in C. Looking one click right from C shows you G (perfect 5th in C) and also the V chord in the key of C. Works for every major scale on the Circle this way. Nice shortcut if you have the chart handy.

Berry Taft says:

Thank you, friends.

Raùl Huerta says:

I practice every line, every lick and every scale, run, pattern, everything with the circle of fifths. Such a complete and useful tool, I´m still a long way of being able to say "I know the circle of fifths" but the road to get there has been pretty fun and rewarding. I play the bass but the way you teach theory clicks with me and since I can apply it as well not having a guitar is not a problem, like CAGED in bass that I got from one of your vids. Thanks for sharing the knowledge Steve.

Salty Dog889 says:

A fifth of what I see more than 5 bits in a whole circle?

Karl Engstrom says:

I've been bending/breaking the rules ever since I started playing 40+ years ago. Primarily because I never knew the rules!!
Thanks for adding clarity to what I've been doing & how I can expand…

Karl Engstrom says:

Thanks for all the excellent vids over this quarantine period,guys!!

Thomas Wofford says:

Hope y’all are staying safe. Thank you for making these videos. You are an amazing teacher Steve.

Hugh Williams says:

When I began playing the guitar, the Circle of Fifths was a great visual reference.

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