Chords Built on Scale Degrees – Learn Music Theory – Lesson 3

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This music theory lesson covers what scale degrees are, how they are numbered, and how to build chords on them.
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Michelle Jean says:

I’m an adult in 50’s . About 7 months ago I started piano lesson as a hobby .

My 70 y.o Piano teacher doesn’t teach Theories, when she does it’s very hard to understand because I have 0 music background.
I can play my songs according to the book but the fact that I don’t understand the theory kills me.
I tried many you tube piano theory lessons.
This teacher explains the the way I can understand clearly.
I’m soooooo happy to figure this out, andThank you sooooo much!

Tùng Lâm Lê says:

That's great. Good job. Congratulation! I really appreciate it!

Augustyna Szych says:

I need help with minor and major chords please help will give my email but I think you might have it.

Sebastian says:

But WHY are the degrees minor and major and diminished, when are they augmented and why does the pattern hold true for every major scale?

Jose Reyes says:

clear precise and to the point !

gfghjfgfghfj says:

Excellent! Thank you so much!

just me says:

Very clear, thanks.

natasha elizabeth says:

Great lesson .. Thank you for putting it up .. Looking forward to the others:)
Though I have a question .. Towards the end of the lesson u said tht this pattern is for every major scale.. N later u said it's consistent no matter what scale we talk abt.. So is it the same pattern for minor scale… Is there a minor scale?

abdou sam says:

it s not helping, i appreciate the effort though,

Luna Guerrero-Fractalline Astrology says:

this lesson is so confusing along with the chords and progressions

Jessica says:

Very helpful and organized! Thank you 🙂

Ashtart Scheherazade Folley-Regusters says:

Great lesson <3

Piano Lessons On The Web says:

Hello everyone,
Remember to like the video and subscribe if you learned something! 

Jon Barber says:

Excellent videos. Really very well done and easy to follow. Thank you

ego death says:

What are the minor scale degrees?

someone true says:

One more thing in the Sight Music in this video
A Whole Note is denoted over Staff
A Whole note contains 4 Quarter Note
But in this video it is playing a Quater note per key only.

someone true says:

Kindly explain me one thing
Is there any specific reason or logic to label a black key with SHARP only or FLAT only
Mean ultimately while playing actual on a keyboard or piano it will be the same black key only.
If on a Treble Cleff Staff if I put a Quarter Note over F-Sharp or a G-Flat. Does it make any difference?

asbm90 says:

Great Job man, very informative and well done!

Ashley Peterson says:

this is helping me so much thank u so much 

Piano Lessons On The Web says:

Well, the augmented chord never came up since I was only talking about the chords build on the scale degrees of the major scale. None of those chords are augmented and only the 7th scale degree is diminished. You can use a plus (+) sign to identify an augmented chord. So say I wanted a C augmented chord; I would write C+

Marcos says:

One question, why did you forget the augumented chord? how do you do the roman numeral for augumented chords?

Piano Lessons On The Web says:

You're welcome!

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