Celeste: First Steps Music Theory Analysis with Composer Lena Raine + FREE sheet music!

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🍓FREE SHEET MUSIC (approved by Lena Raine herself!) ▸ http://www.stevenmelin.com/s/Celeste-First-Steps-Lead-Sheet.pdf

🍓REJECTED First Steps Music Draft 1 ▸ https://radicaldreamland.bandcamp.com/track/bonus-area-1-demo

🍓Celeste: First Steps on 8 Keyboards! ▸ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHn_biVLHxQ

Let’s analyze the first level music of indie smash-hit Celeste, composed by Lena Raine. This tune is DEEP with intricate music theory, so after sharing my thoughts I also had to ask Lena herself about her process & experience with the game developer! A lot can be learned from this track!


Drauc says:

Thanks for the video! Amazing work

/s/ad touch says:

this is cool as hell. there aren't enough music theory channels focusing video game music, so props for picking this game, cos i love it

Stewart M says:

Lena deserves video game composer of the year. Celeste's soundtrack is on another level

William Barnes says:

Do the rest of the songs too please.

Jaxson Rives says:

I like the analysis of the beginning, like how she’s trapped inside one chord and whatnot, but I have to disagree with some of the theory, the E and D chords act strongly as a I and bVII, especially since it never actually has a cadence into A major.

Josh Beane says:

LOL just accidentally deleted my comment while trying to edit and add another thought.
Originally I mentioned how this song sounded more adventurous to me but that I could hear the tension once you played Esus as a full chord.
Then it hit me that between "adventurous" and "tension" there's "uncertainty" which I think this song hits perfectly with how it slides into E minor not far into the song. I love how it brings back the initial melody at the end, but in minor.

Mr.MedTech says:

Great analysis

Inspired Shane says:

Good analysis!

Rokas Žemkauskas says:

5:10 Rick from Rick and Morty kicks in 😀

James Heatherly says:

Dude I love these breakdowns, whenever I enjoy a piece of music I’m always looking for the why and hows like breaking down a puzzle and this outlook helps a lot on how I’m gonna analyze pieces

K. York says:

11:52 "that's exactly where our ear wants to go, back to the A"

StellaHope says:

This was super interesting!! I’d love to see one of these on Resurrections, a song also from Celeste. It’s always given me a perfect combination of uneasiness, mystery and dreaminess, and that’s always impressed me. I don’t know a whole lot about music, so this video was really cool to see why the music gives a certain feeling, and I’d love to know exactly why Resurrections has gives off the eeriness it does. Awesome job by the way, you’re very underrated! <3

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