Visit for more! Have you ever wondered how to get your music synchronized to film or TV? The music licensing game can be a fantastic way to monetize your music! Listen to my conversation with music sync expert Chris Shreenan-Dyck as he breaks down exactly how to go about researching, contacting and building relationships with music directors to get your original music into TV shows, movies and advertisements. Learn more about Chris at
Get the Artist Promotion Blueprint here: In this episode I chat with DeCarlos Garrison from about what it takes to make your move in the music industry today. DeCarlos and his team help DIY musicians achieve success by providing them with useful information gleaned from decades of experience in the business of music. He encourages us to remember that a viral video is not a strategy. It’s the long game we should be playing to guarantee our success. If you want to be a doctor you go to school for 10 years or more. It’s no different if [More]
APB Email Course When you’re trying hard to find an audience for your music or art it’s very important to find ways to tell your authentic story. How are you? What makes you unique? People do business with people they Know, Trust and Like. So, the question is… How do we get people to know, trust & like us so that they will be comfortable supporting us with their hard earned income? Answer: Tell Your Story!