Here are my 5 top tips when attempting to write a song
Songwriting 101 with Robin Frederick: Watch these step-by-step videos and learn how to write memorable songs that listeners will love. Use your song title as your guide, then develop your lyric and melody. The videos are based on my songwriting books and eBooks. Check them out at For more songwriting tips, visit MORE SONGWRITING VIDEOS: 1. A great way to get your song started: 2. How to write a memorable song title: 3. Build a lyric on your title by asking questions: 4. Follow a “song path” for an unforgettable journey: 5. Images [More]
►► Download the 7 Step Song Planner for FREE – In this video, multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down the OneRepublic song, “Counting Stars”
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Click below to download your free Songwriting Cheatsheet—packed with tips and tricks that will help you take your songwriting skills to the next level:
Nick and Alex give their top tips for budding songwriters
►► Download the 7 Step Song Planner for FREE – In this video, multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down the Dolly Parton classic, “Jolene”
These are my songwriting tips for beginners based on my personal experience to help get you started. 🙂 Sell your music with DistroKid! *Disclaimer: Distrokid is sponsoring this video. If you’d like to see more videos on songwriting, let me know below in the comments! ____________________________________________ ↓ O T H E R P L A C E S T O F I N D M E: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Patreon: _________________________________________________ Hey! My name is Michelle and I go by the persona “Guitar Goddess.” Easier to remember, right? I teach beginner/intermediate guitar lessons here on [More]