In this Songwriting 101 Tutorial, learn 12 Lyric Writing Tips for Beginners by Dylan Laine! Printable Song Sheet: // Don’t forget… ⬇︎ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — YOUR NEXT STEPS! — 1. Download Song Sheets and Cheat Sheets: 2. Check out the greatest ukulele ever! 3. Follow me on Instagram! 4. Buy me a [More]
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Download our free songwriting handbook: Learn songwriting online with Berklee: From fans to bloggers to music supervisors, the task of finding your audience as a songwriter can be daunting. In this video, Berklee Online course author Ben Camp provides actionable advice for narrowing down your list of potential contacts in order to start reaching out in a methodical way. Learn more Songwriting and Music Business tips in these video tutorials: How to Build Relationships and Break Into the Music Industry How to Effectively Use Contrast and Repetition About Ben Camp: Ben teaches Songwriting at Berklee College [More]
►► Download the 7 Step Song Planner for FREE – In this video, multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down Katy Perry’s classic hit, “Firework”.
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Is it possible to give songwriting tips in 120 seconds If you come with well see if we make it. A title of a song is the one thing that can grab your listeners attention from the start. If we look at some famous title, “Here comes the sun” The Beatles “Heres to never growing up” Avril Lavinge “How do I Live” Lean Rimes. I can read thousands of song titles and they all going to grab your attention and make you want to listen to the song. How to use storytelling when you write a song. You can also [More]
Download your free 7-Step Song Planner at In this video, Songwriting Academy founder and multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down the songwriting tactics and strategies used in Zedd’s #1 hit, Clarity.
Here are my 5 top tips when attempting to write a song