www.pointblankonline.net In this tutorial Jonny Miller (Sonarpilot Audio) puts together a mid-tempo summer beat inspired by the organic sounds of producers such as John Talabot. Jonny is using samples from the Skiddaw Stones Ableton Partner Instrument available here: www.ableton.com Learn more about producing with Ableton Live on our range of courses: www.pointblankonline.net Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online School
Check out the full review here: www.uniquesquared.com For pro audio questions, tips, and advice visit our forum: forum.uniquesquared.com Avid Mbox 3: www.uniquesquared.com Avid Mbox 3 Mini: www.uniquesquared.com The truly revolutionary redesign of the Avid Pro Tools Mbox family is finally here! Avid stepped up their game and created product feature packed enough to satisfy professionals while sticking to the roots of the all-in-one personal mixing device. In one sentence… the Avid Pro Tools Mbox is a complete, integrated, computer-based music creation and production system. If that wasn’t enough Avid touts that it was designed by the same engineering team responsible [More]
In this video I dispel the myth that you can’t get a good mix using only the stock plugins that shipped with your DAW. Whether you use Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Sonar, Studio One, or any other piece of software you have some GREAT plugins already included. So use them! Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips www.TheRecordingRevolution.com
Software reviews: mixonline.com www.tweakheadz.com www.homestudiocorner.com ======================================= Most producers use Apple logic,Pro Tools,Cubase,Sonar, Ableton live is a good DJ software. Reason is not really sequencer per say.The easiest one to use is Presonus studio one,logic,fl studio,pro tools. Test a demo of each to see what you like. Some sequencers like logic run only on MAC.Fl studio,Sonar only on PC. Sequencers that run on both platforms are:Cubase,Pro Tools,Ableton Live,Reaper,Studio One. Most producers use Mac because they give less conflicts such as latency issues and computability issues. Macs cost more than PC and not all software run on Macs. If you planning to [More]
Please click the link below to subscribe to this channel – Thanks www.youtube.com This video shows how to connect a Behringer BCF2000 midi controller to the Reaper DAW using Mackie mode and SONAR 3 mapping Useful links www.reaper.fm you will need the B-CONTROL BCF2000 Emulation modes (English) guide from www.behringer.com
1st in a series of REAPER for users of Protools, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, etc. This video introduces the UI and fundamentals of how REAPER is different from other DAWs, later on I’ll get into specifics about how to do things more quickly in REAPER. Even if you love your DAW already, REAPER is a great alternative for getting audio tasks done very quickly and efficiently. It’s on PC and Mac, downloads installs and runs within less than a minute of clicking the download link at www.reaper.fm, and can run from a USB thumbdrive literally as a portable DAW. You can [More]
Quick Mix 16: Cakewalk Sonar, Amplitube 3, Addictive Drums Music Studies (Thank You All!): fearcomplexmusic fearedse davidmeshow recordingrevolution fakesmilerevolution jamesmsv …