How to use the Reaper render queue and export multiple mixes at one time. This tutorial is for using Reaper. The song used in the demo is the copyright of Brentwood Benson Music and is for illustration purposes only. *If you are looking for music for your music ministry, check out what Brentwood Benson has to offer for resources.* Song in Demo: We Have Our Savior | David Moffitt & Jonathan Lee ©2011 Universal Music РBrentwood Benson Music Publishing.
This is my short tutorial on how I use Superior Drummer 2.0. If you have any questions feel free to ask!! RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS: Superior Drummer Preset: REAPER Template: Tunes: Twitter Facebook: Soundcloud:
Here i am the ReaFir plugin that comes with Reaper DAW to get rid off the typical single coil hum when playing guitar. For testing purposes i installed the cheapest, crappiest and noisiest single coil pickup i could possibly find.
Here we look at how to sit your bass in the mix, how to adjust clean and distorted signals, and whether to compress your final signal. Get the free reaper plug-ins: Be sure to check out the other episodes in the series! Welcome to my new series on mixing heavy metal using your DAW or home computer. When I was looking online for a lot of this information I often came across a very unhelpful answer to reasonable questions – Q: “how should I eq my kick?” A: “There’s no set template for EQ you fool, every project is [More]
Audio is the same as anything else in computerland – you gotta get it in before you can get it out. In a new tutorial screencast video, Cockos Reaper is set up for basic audio I/O using Reaper’s Audio Preferences. This episode is one in a continuing series of tutorials about Reaper, the uncrippled shareware Windows DAW that puts quite a few DAWs to shame.
This is part 1 of a 3 part video series that shows you how to use the automation features in Reaper. This video was created by Rocket, a member of the Cockos / Reaper forum. Click the following link to go to Part 2: ~Vince
Made this quick video on getting started in reaper
For audio recording and mixing I use Cockos’ REAPER. I explain why and many of REAPER’s advantages in this video. To try REAPER yourself go to
(Sorry, I’ve come down with a slight cold…) In answer to a question posed in my YouTube comments section, I have posted this new tutorial video. Here are the links referenced in the video: REAPER: KONTAKT 4: (May not have mentioned it, but worth checking out) SOUNDSONLINE: ALSO! “Like” me on Facebook. Leave comments and engage in lively discussions with me online. Video recorded with screencast-o-matic.