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Ben Rossman shares his experiences in building a music business as a college student and building an artist from the ground up. Ben Rossman is a recent graduate of The University of Delaware with coursework in Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation and Music Management. His love for the business of music stems from both his passion for music and his upbringing in an entrepreneurial home. Ben began his journey in the music industry booking student musicians of all genres for on-campus events in Delaware’s student-run restaurant. His experience in starting this program led to the creation of his start-up, M&B Booking. [More]
How To Build A Music Fanbase – Social Media Content Ideas Work with us here: ——- In this video, Daniel Grimmett shows you how to build a music fanbase online by creating more interesting content and having a campaign strategy. First we will discuss what musicians and artists are doing wrong with their social media… boring, non-viral content. We will discuss why that type of content can actually hurt, not help your music career. Then we will dive into the solution and offer you some content examples and stories about what is working well for successful musicians. You’ll learn [More]
Looking for effective PR and marketing for your brand and music? In this quick video I give you my 2 cents on paying easily available PR and marketing packages from various websites. I explain in detail how most of those services work and how effective PR professionals and marketing packages actually work in the real music industry and behind the scenes. This way you will have a little more knowledge on the subject to be able to make an educated business savvy decision. Also make sure to check out my full course “Building a Brand 101 in the Music Industry [More]
Why Marketing For Artists Is So Hard And Stressful I just started releasing music again and I’m never stopping. I had this HUGE plan for marketing and I am super excited. I released a remix of Kanye Pump I love it out of the blue, recorded it, mixed it and made the video in less than 24 hours. SEE IT HERE: *136 Music Marketing Ideas Course* I dropped it and suddenly felt that weight and stress of… Oh shit now I have to market the hell out of this. I haven’t had to market a song for a [More]
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When trying to do music full time there are a few things that we can do as music creators that will set us apart from the rest. The music industry will kick you to the curb if you’re not properly prepared to compete. One major factor that comes into play is whether or not you’re set up on the back end of your business. Creating amazing music will only get you so far if you’re not playing the same game as the major players in the industry. In this video I break down a misconception that most people have about [More]