Can You Hear the Difference? (Part 1)

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Home Studio Corner:


Sam Knaak says:

I'm going to say you used a plugin that pushes the stereo field further out. Something like what I do with the Waves S1 stereo imager.

Aclounge says:

The second clip is louder 1-2 db

Adam Meredith says:

Actually I am a composer who learned to mix – so my potential customers not cry about the sound. So I might not be tooooo experienced in hearing 'small' differences in the mix – when it comes to compression or expanders etc. I have the 'feeling' that the first mix has more crisp – as in the cymbals. The second mix seem to be more wide – mostly in the high frequencies. But let me know!

Fiachna O'Donnell says:

So the first thing I heard is what the hell is that audio ducking in the first one? Sounds like you sidechained the whole clip to a midi pattern or something. Other than that my ears hear the bass as wilder and freer in the first clip, in the second it's more controlled – people are saying multiband compressor so I'm going to say instead that you used a precision eq and combed through the bass sounds

Edit: The audio is ducking in both actually

David Groeneveld says:

Another great song by the way! And I really really want to have an album!

David Groeneveld says:

Sounds like either multiband compression or some kind of enhancer, both for the low and the high end. Just a touch and I had to listen very carefully. And then still I may be fooling myself…

Taneriiim says:

Maybe the first one has a bit more treble and less compressor? The differences are very very very tiny tho lol

Robert Simpson says:

From what I am hearing, I am thinking that you used the Schep's "rear bus" technique of applying parallel compression to the instruments and vocals, but not to the drums.

zaysims says:

Clip 2 sounds a lil more together, compression or a limiter or both

Kit Comia says:

Parallel compression.

TommyV Virs says:

I’m guessing clip two is louder?

Sergey Eybog says:

The second clip sounds clearer and wider, has more "breath" it the mix.

Steve Wills says:

clip 2 is a db louder cheers!

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