Best DAW for Composing Music in 2020: Logic, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, or Reaper?

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What’s the best DAW for composing music in 2020? Let’s compare the top 6 DAW’s on the market to see which best suits your budget & workflow:

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1:51 Logic Pro X:
3:39 Digital Performer:
6:31 Pro Tools:
8:12 Cubase Pro:
9:17 Ableton Live:
11:58 Reaper:
14:15 Honorable Mentions

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Ben Santos says:

Thoughts on Cakewalk?

NextSongs4God says:

Auria Pro has that 64 bit track thang that’s ruling iOS fatness right now !

Asim Naveed says:

There’s nothing which Flstudio 20 can’t do..

The Watchman Studios says:

I really find it funny what's considered a high learning curve these days.

impulseMusic says:

Digital performer are not for the new beat maker but I love DP been using it ver:3 OS9

ssyne says:

do you mix in that springy room, no treatment

The Knight Owl Joker™ says:

I thought Magix Sequioa was the most expensive daw.

Max Antar says:

You can't just skip over FL Studio like that and say "oh, that program is just aimed at beat making". It's just as capable as the other DAWs if not more! It's a shame because people are just going to assume it's useless for regular music making if they go by your statement.

I'd say the best thing about FL is that it's very intuitive even for beginners, as well as the ability to have whatever workflow you want. Don't like working with patterns? Then just use the arrange window. Enjoy the live functionality of Ableton? FL has a performance mode too. And last but not least, the best freaking piano roll on the market. 🙂

Nyx019 says:

Studio One?

Farhan Hosseini says:

reaper and bitwig

Sean Rowland Pianist says:

This is great, thanks

Marc Losper says:

What's the metric you used to determine the top 6 DAWs in the industry? Digital Performer seems like a completely random choice.

stereolab00 says:

Sorry bro. You lost me when I saw you excluded Studio One.

Simply Joseph says:

this is the only video on YT that explain the differences between DAWs in conclusion there is no one of them is the best, but there is the right for the type work you're going to do on it. i would say one thing i made a huge mistake when i was thinking that i can master 4 DAWs but at the end i realized that i wasted my time on step learning curve rather than making music. my advice to people is to pick one DAW and master it, try many DAWs and choose the right one

T G says:

I've been looking at Samplitude Pro X4 recently. It definitely looks worth exploring further. Object based editing is a killer feature! X5 is out now, and the suite edition comes with some really great stuff!

Varun Narayanan says:

You forgot about reason, it’s really powerful. I’m a logic user now but I often go back to reason for some reason

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