Beato Basics of Music Theory

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trumpetman says:

Man, where was this 15 years ago when I was failing college music theory? Haha incredibly clear and concise explanation.

Egy Yolando says:

This is not so basic at all.

Dan Sammons says:

I came here to learn but ya lost me. Beato's basic of physics: "speed is distance per unit time… V=D/t… remember that formula"… skip 8 chapters… "A point where the second derivative of a function changes sign is called an inflection point"…ship 9 chapters… "The amount of energy in these photons is given by the equation E = hf, where E is the energy of the photons in Joules; h is Planck's constant, which is always 6.63 * 10^-34 Joule seconds".

I've enjoyed a lot of the 'what makes this song great' series and would like to have a better grasp of music theory, but this just highlighted my ignorance.

Luis Gomez says:

Hi Rick, if i buy the book, willl I get the upgrades? at least 2.3? in website is 2.0 THANKS

nelson hamlin says:

Many thanks for all of your videos and the sharing of your knowledge. Your explanation of the circle of fifths was extremely clear and concise. I finally understand!

Thelonius Monk says:

I helps a whole lot to hold your guitar and kinda play along while he's showing you. It really helps for it to make sense that way…

Victor Lima says:

Is this friend that says that are 15 major and minor keys Victor Wooten?

John Petruzzelli says:

Rick, if you identify the b2 sus as a Phyrgian triad, and the b2 "phyrgian note", what makes the b3 aeolian when it is introduced in the dorian scale, aeolian integrates the b6, and dorian the b3, right?

Mark Doney-Mccloud says:

Excellent! I wish I had this explanation when i was learning. in a class of 30 kids at 10 years old I was taken through it at lightening speed and expected to know it in minutes after a brief explanation. With this you can understand it and if you don't, go back if you miss anything. It took me 35 years to get back to the basics! (life gets busy with homes, work and kids), then trying to learn as an adult. Thanks Rick – I hope people appreciate this. Buy the book people!!

Murray Rowley says:

This is Music 101, basic interval structures, building blocks…. see the Beato Book and also use your ears!
Rick is a university level teacher with an enormous work output…. hard work pays off!

jack napier says:

thanks rick!

Terry Doyle says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was just realizing that I need to get my head into music theory but I was finding a lot of content over complicated. This definitely did it for me. Now I have to write all this out for myself and get memorizing 🙂

Glenn Michael Thompson says:

I received The Beato Book 2.2, but not version 2.3

Jack Rodenburg says:

I have been learning guitar for a few years and trying to understand theory as a way to learn new songs more quickly. I always felt circle of 5ths was important and have seen many explainations but this video helped hit home some vital points and importantly how its actually applied. I will write out the circle daily for a month to drill it into my brain. Thanjs

mqtty72 says:

Hey Rick, love you. But what about the self taught artist,,? I am usually not thinking about what is theoretically correct but instead, what will serve the song. I am not discounting knowledge but for example, what about the learning disabled musician? Play what sounds good no?

PBx2007x says:

Come on Rick get a proper mic or do it somewhere else. Great lesson!

LSDF says:

I found it super useful, thank you so much!

Eric Hansen says:

lol this started out at the Algebra 1 level, and jumped to multivariable vector calculus for me! I'm gonna have to process this slowly. Never learned any of this Suzuki method for Violin or Clarinet.

John Shannon says:

Can you do a video on prog rock? You could do it about guitarists: Fripp, Howe, Hackett, Lifeson, Lattimer, Gilmour. Or breakdown a song. I'd love a breakdown of "Living in the Past" by Tull – it's the only 5/4 hit pop song I know!

dentoncrimescene says:

This was great to send to my son to tell him what he needs to start to learn. Perfect, thanks.

stevepi1 says:

Interesting that nobody seems to mention that the order flats in the circle of fifths only works if count Esharp as a sharp when its actually an F. And then B sharp….. hmmm that would be a C no? C flat…… what what what? What kinda crazy B is that?

Vanessa N says:

Love these videos, and looking forward to hopefully seeing more in the future! Will hopefully be buying the Beato Book soon so I can have both these "lectures" and the "textbook". Despite lots of commenters saying this is below or above their theory level, I really appreciate this one!!

Ryan's Tasty Licks says:

Im confused I always thought a major chord was 1-3-5, but after discussing the circle of fifths Rick constructs majors chords using 1-4-5. Did he do that on accident or is there something I'm missing? Can someone please help me with this?

Paul Burns says:

Nice explanation, This is the most basic, next would be your "Pro needs to know," "Minor Keys explained," "Chord Families and Modes," "Drop chords," The modal vids…Then things like Bebop lines…This channel has years of learning vids.

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