Basic Music Theory I – The Major Scale and how it makes chords

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I believe learning music theory doesn’t have to be complicated and full of confusing jargon. This lesson is a simple no-nonsense look at the major scale and major key chord progressions.

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Marc Ludemann says:

Easy to understand and well explained!

John DMC says:

Eric, your videos are excellent. Best ones i've come across. Thanks! And big thumbs up for using a Wilco song in this one!

Matt Gilley says:

I just wanted to say that your videos have been extremely helpful. I've been playing for years, but was always intimidated by theory. A few weeks with your videos, and it's all starting to make a bit of sense. Thanks!

im annonymous says:

what determnes the minor chhords n why lol is that hard? eg: why is the 2nd minor not a maj and does that apply to all keys?

JK Morrison says:

Eric: good lesson, but I have a question: Is there a simple chart that shows chord progressions for the various keys? if so, where can I get one? Also, I would like to know where the progressions come from. thanks

ronaldessi says:

very useful, subscribed! thanks a bunch!

Kenneth Michael Beck says:

change strings

WIlDMOFO says:

I like it. But please! Make a lesson on how to build chords from scales. 1 3 5=major 1 3flat 5=minor doesnt make any sense to me, not all chords have just 3 notes… Please help

TheErroneousOne says:

I don't get your F# diminished chord. You're playing (in order from low to high) Eb, A, C, F#. But Eb isn't in Em/G. I can't find this representation of a diminished chord anywhere. Representations that I see go: F#, C, F#, A (the first F# on the low E string).

So magical says:

this has been really useful for me. just a bedroom guitarist, with not a lot of time with family etc.. nicely bite sized and clear to understand 🙂

Ronald's Chronicles says:

Excellent. Very well put together!!!

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