Awesome Music Theory Workout For Bass Guitar

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This week I’ve got a great little music theory exercise for you that will help with learning the notes on the neck, some essential arpeggios, the chords within a major key and the circle of 5ths!

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OneCircuit says:

Been so busy with work I haven't visit the channel in 6+ months. Looks like you trimmed up bro! Looking good! 😀

Girmay Gebru says:

Thanks Mark!! Excellent lesson which incorporates the circle of forths/fifths and the grouped mj/mn/dim triads. I have been working on the circle of fif/fourths by itself. With this video I can now exercise a combination of exercise in one run. Great lesson, thanks again.

Dreaded Crypto says:

I have lessons at a local music school but I cant find an actual Bass teacher at any of my local music schools, they are all Guitar teachers that teach a bit of Bass and for that reason I feel that there is something missing, especially when it comes to techniques that are specific to Bass. Your content is great Mark and well presented, I am considering only using TalkingBass and cancelling my weekly lesson … a 30 minute lesson isn't cheep. The courses over at TalkingBass look like great value, not to mention all the free content. Has anyone else moved from private lessons to on line only … your thoughts ?

P F says:

Which type of bass are u using in the vid sounds amazing?

Keith Friedrich says:

This is perfect. More like this please. Also, I want that bass, how can I get it?

Zack Groce says:

Great set of excercises. Thanks for such a comprehensive lesson!

BroncoFanDeluxe says:

Excellent exercise. Thank you.

Marc Cholette says:

Great stuff and great thumbnail pic, you look like youre casting a spell!

iamspoonbender says:

C diminished which is Evil ! LOL !

NoLeft NoRight says:

and yet another excellent exercise from Mark. My bass playing is considerably better because of the work you do Mark. Cheers mate!

paelgin says:

Haha…cheating! @3:27 the 4th finger C triad is started with the third finger!

Thanks for the lesson and continuing awesome help!

Phil in gorgeous Young Harris, Georgia, USA

Hampus Olsson says:

This is great! Gonna practise this so i can improve my jamming skills! 😀

Robby Frick says:

That bass is so beautiful I can’t pay attention

Dushawn 5 says:

What kinds of pickups do you use on your ibanez and on the bass your playing in the video?

King Loser says:

Drum (kit) and bass interaction pleeeeeeease.

Terd Cutter says:

Does Sims send you free pickups or are you just YouTube rich

Ahmed Khattab says:

Bass legendary

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