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The Auratone Studio is a formidable recording and mixing environment. It lives in a huge converted barn spread across two light-filled and spacious floors. The main recording room is located at ground level, with adjoining recreation room and kitchen area. The mixing room is on the upper floor. At the heart of the studio is a spacious control room centred round a pristine Harrison 4032 B original vintage 1977 Console (MJ, ABBA, Sade and many more), recently refurbished by Nenad Dragicevic. It is joined by a great selection of monitors: Dangerous Monitor ST, B&W 802, Urei 809, Yamaha NS10M and Auratone 5C, powered by Class A amps. Sat behind the desk is the outboard, including many Dynamics Urei Vintage 1176 LN, 1178, LA4, EQs and Effects. Of particular note are the vintage Neve mic-pres: 2 x 1073, 9 x Vintech X73, 8x Universal 4-710/d 1 x Universal LA 610 MKII, Urei 546 Stereo Eq, Chandler Germanium Pre, API 800Series Rack, Daking 52270 Mic Pre Eq x4 and 2 x Universal Twinity. The Studio is running as 32 Channel In/Out on Logic Studio or alternatively on ProTools 10. The Apple MacPro 8-Core Computer is the hub of the control room. The spectacular recording room features an acoustically optimized ceiling and original wooden beams. The room further comprises a beautiful wooden floor and three high stone walls that produce a fantastic live sound. Several windows look out on the rural surroundings and flood the room with glorious daylight. Draw the ample curtains and you can


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