Astrodramatica – Voices in the dark

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I was trying out Reaper DAW and I made this song in couple of hours… nice software 🙂 It’s a song from my one man side project Astrodramatica Download mp3: Reaper software: I was using: EZDrummer Guitar rig 3 Symphonic orchestra Gold Waves plugins Wawes API collection IK Multimedia CSR reverb Izotop Ozone 3


doodoostickstain says:

reverb = yay! btw hide your edits with merge or something lol don’t show us that!

MetalForTheMasters says:

Love the vocals!

steelwizard says:

I hear some clipping

astralum says:

Yeah it takes some time to get used to it. I also use Cubase as my main DAW, and have been using it fore several years now, but i like to try out everything so this was actually a part of reaper testing phase… no better way to test a new sequencer than making a song on it.

dannyskater says:

I’m hearing your song again and I cant hear it any more, it really was my imagination xD Anyway you did a great job, I have tried reaper but I spent so much time learning cubase that is difficult fr me to adapt, I have many projects in OMF format and reaper cant open it so that put me off. So far that is the only limitation I can figure out in reaper and everything else seems very good.

astralum says:

haha, I can’t hear it, maybe I did have msn online but the song was exported from reaper directly so it would still be impossible to have that sound on recording.
Thanks for the comment.

dannyskater says:

Nice recording! Were you recoding vocals with msn on-line? I hear a sound at 2:49 that sounds pretty much like someone sending you a message xD

astralum says:

Thanks man!

kriscivilised says:

OMG. This is the most extremely super duper coolest thing ive seen/heard for a year on the net !

boosuff says:

Hey that’s pretty good. I’ve been trying out REAPER and am liking it alot.

Justin Jordan says:

Holy crap listen to all that reverb. Pretty good song still though!

omgrobin666 says:

awesome really liked the voices and the rythm guitars 😛  good job ^^

OSAME44 says:

dewd! that is amazing!

elusivecure57 says:

holy shit that sounds awesome 😀

WellToHell says:

Sounds cool!

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