Artist / Producer, Lido — Pensado’s Place #474

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Our guest is an Artist / Producer whose credits range from Halsey to Chance the Rapper to Skrillex. Please welcome to The Place, Lido!

Listen Now to Lido “Rise” –

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Mixing With Guitar Pedals

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P Godaz says:

Please plase please invite Eric J Dubowsky to talk about mixing Flume!

Love And Going Places says:

The world needs Lido & KORK to get back together !

Aleksander Puntervold says:

Name of the shortfilm Lido scored..?? 🙂

cutmylips says:

waiting for Peder

Dave Marx says:

Immediately liked this cuz I know Lido interview about to be amazing

Zen On says:

I’ll never forget when I found Trippy Turtle on SoundCloud just after he released Ain’t No Sunshine. It’s been such a great experience since then with all of Lidos music. Gotta say I really miss that Turtle though.

Markus Junnikkala says:

What a nice fella

JAHI says:

Han er fantastisk

Martin Def Beats says:

great conversation!

so says:

lido's a fucking genius!! lets goo

Jones Lego says:

Would die to see illangelo, flume, or skrillex on here

David Francisco says:

Miss you Herb!!! Good to see you online 🙂

Eduard Kort says:

Lido is the goat

Marcus Manderson says:

Another great one for the books!

SquareB0t says:

Wonderful interview 🙂

Victor Nico says:

This is huge, congrats Peder! Can´t wait to watch this! Growing up in Norway, following Peder was and continues to be such an important inspiration for my music production


Damn I love this guy!

Johannes Koch says:

I‘ve been listening to Lido‘s music since the old soundcloud days. He‘s such a legend! A true artist.
He definitely had a big impact on the development of my musical taste.

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