Apogee Duet – Guided Tour

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This guided tour of Duet shows you just how powerful, versatile, and simple to use the Duet is. All these features and the sound quality that made Apogee legendary.


torawfordiz says:

how do u get it to work in pro tools x(

Somang Park says:

@thatpunkrockprick i shall outbid you!!! where is this man… tell me now! jokes aside.. lucky you

Somang Park says:

@thatpunkrockprick lucky :(.. i wish i had that opportunity

Somang Park says:

haha i wonder who would buy an Apogee Duet and use Garageband …if you were serious about making music wouldn’t you be using Logic?

Chhenu says:

Hi! I’m very excited with this product but I still can’t decide whether I want the One or the Duet. The one has a built in superb mic, but not stereo sound I guess. And i’ve heard Duet’s sound is lil bit better than One? I record voice and guitars with my MacBookPro using LogicPro 8.2 n Garage band. I use MacOS 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard). Kindly let me know. Thanks!!

ClickOnPez says:

my balls are big.

ClickOnPez says:

award winning octain preamps….

MindFactoryCorp says:

I love apogee duet

ClickOnPez says:

nope i just think people can get better deals

Airbornebull says:

You mad they not for PC’s? lol

rollinwiththepunches says:

Apogee have been making some of the best pre-amps and converters for years, it wasn’t until apple bought over part of the company that they made anything directed towards the home market. The little bit extra your paying isn’t for the apple tie in its for the professional pre-amps you get with this thing.

ClickOnPez says:

these things are stupid for the price. i have a 8 input firewire interface for $600. just another apple fanboy product

maxohpne says:

to listen to music…. still good price if it’s only for that

panicstrickin says:

I had 6.9 le, and although I know pro tools has way better stuff than the m-box and LE, Mac is far superior than a pc. As soon as I made the switch (2 years ago) I will never look back. I now feel sorry for the pc user! I can’t freaking wait to get Logic 9 and a duet or better!! Happy recording!

brietzmann says:

no you won’t need a preamp. just use the instrument input.

gibsonplayer10 says:

so you checked the input levels and made sure the comp was recieveing a guitar signal?

it could be the setting on the guitar track. unclick the input monitering button and record. there should be no sound. press solo if there still is to make sure its not another track.

it could be feed back or a really overdriven setting, or even a loose wire somewhere. try making a new track with no settings and see if there is still noise

gibsonplayer10 says:

yes! for that price
i just got one
it rocks

gibsonplayer10 says:

hey i just got one too
what program are you running?
i can answer most of your questions i think

yes you can just plug in and play. i use logic and add effects through that

Ramel34 says:

Is this the best audio interface for audio recording on a Mac? I do not want to spend more than $800.

trunkeight says:

And thats why the Nazi’s at digidesign will ultimately drown in their own hubris and either go bankrupt, or return to selling their core products that suit their corporate philosophy;
namely Landmines, hand grenades and budget automatic weapons.

apogeedigital says:

You can use the Duet for any other core audio application on your Mac (Logic, Garage Band, FCP, Cubase, iTunes etc…) but no audio from Pro Tools will pass through the Duet at all, even if you have the MBox connected.

apogeedigital says:

Yes, you can use both inputs at the same time. either 2 mics, 2 instruments, or 1 istrument and one mic.

androulla100 says:

Hi, Im thinking of buying one of these! just one question, the quality seems fantastic but can you record say a guitar and mic at the same time? currently i’m using a focusrite sapphire and although it sounds great you can only use 1 input at a time, mic or line input

apogeedigital says:

It depends on what you are looking to do. If you want to record the output of your turntable using the Duet, then yes you can do that. Please see our video Duet:Record & Tape transfer for a complete overview of this process.

philboy521 says:

can you use this with turntables?

crguti says:

Which monitor do you have on your desk?

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