ADSR Pro Sidechain compression in Steinberg Cubase 5 Tutorial Video 1

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Welcome to ADSR Pro video tutorial on sidechain compression in Cubase 5. Sidechaining takes one sound and uses it to manipulate another sound creating the po…


djmindtwister says:

Yeah i checked that already , i tried all possible vst folders and update , but with no result , I guess it has to be the folder that contains the old vst3 version of fabc1 , but when placing it with the newer vst3 , it will not find it , only the old version can be found. verry strange.

Mike Smith says:

When installing check where the dll files are been placed. sometimes it installs into a vst folder but not in the cubase vst folder. My vst folder for instance is in program files/steinberg/cubase5/vstplugins sometimes when installing it creates a vst folder maybe in program files/vst plugins so hunt a round your c drive and if you find a stray vst folder chances are they are in there so you need to copy the dll’s to cubase vst plugins folder. hope this helps 🙂

djmindtwister says:

hey man thanks for the toturials , their great (Y) , but i was wondering , how did you install this vst ? i cant get it to work, an older vst3 version of fabc1 was regogniced , bu the knobs would jump back to the default setup, while the newer version cant be found , even if i place it in the same map. How did you do it ?

Martin Andov says:

Check it my newest beat making video 😉

Mike Smith says:

Many Thanks glad you found it useful :)

mrFakeKilla1 says:

man i’ve a problem can u tell me why when i start to record my voice in headphone doubles ,like been with echo i need to mute my voice in channel 🙂

laztozia says:

Excellent tutorial. Worked a treat.

lisastevie60 says:

Excellent videos very informative

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