Adobe Premier AAF Export to Pro Tools 12

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Here are the instructions to Export an AAF out of Adobe Premier into Pro Tools 12. This step by step guide covers each setting with just enough detail to understand why you would choose one setting over the next. In addition these particular setting allow the original source TC to stay in tact which is critical to professional audio post workflows when importing sound rolls. This is not just for editors looking to export, it’s also for professional audio post mixers who need to help assist editors in understanding what is needed to ingest files into the Pro Tools timeline to maintain the needed metadata to give the flexibility that mixer needs to create an outstanding sound mix. Export the AAF the right way for Pro Tools 12 !


Anatoli Sergejev says:

Is it the same workflow and export setting with multicam? I mean in big projects there are parts of multicam edits.

Thomas Cosgrove says:

Helpful, I wonder could you make a companion video showing how to import and set up the AAF in pro tools.

Sofiane Djabou says:

Thank you for this tutorial, and great editing and storytelling job too 🙂

Jair Conde says:

Cool!! In Spanish on my channel!!!!

Hub Location Sound says:

Sending this to every editor I know 😉

Sage dB says:

what about reconforming, using ediload, when editing in fcp or media composer how should the picture editors give the files to post audio (dialogue edit) what are the steps any links or video you could show me

Victoria Sampson says:

Thanks so much Super helpful! One question: I have a short film project (7 min) and when I clicked on copy complete files, it said it was bigger than the 2 gb allowed. What do I do now??

K V says:

Would the preserve media directory name option help to preserve the metadata of the sound roll name etc?

Jamie Paolinetti Writer/Director says:

Here's a link on Adobe Forums, that Adobe has not fixed relating to this problem. – There has to be a ton of people who are dying from it! Thanks!

Jamie Paolinetti Writer/Director says:

Hi Michael, Great Video! So timely for me. I have my edit locked on a feature film, and I used the new 2018 "Merged Clips" option when setting up my workflow in Premiere. This is a godsend change by Premiere and everyone I know is using it. I am now ready to deliver my AAF files to my sound designer/mixer so he can get busy in Pro tools. But, Adobe's own website has a note that says, "Merged Clips are not supported when exporting an AAF file"… Since editing with merged clips is pretty new, I can't find any tutorials on it anywhere. I can not be the only one encountering this and there has to be an answer. Is this note/warning only relevant if you are trying to include an MXF video file? (which we do not need). THANK YOU for any guidance!

2pop Audio Post says:

sharing the vid to all my picture editors friends

Thanks for the tutorial

Alejandro Reyes says:

In the case of a copy compared audio files method, what do you do when the timecode is off completely? For example I have a Zoom F8 I often have to jam a timecode box to match with camera. At the current moment I don't have have a timecode box so what do I do in that case to handle the work flow?

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