Academy Snippets: What is the purpose of music theory?

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In this clip from one of Chick’s live workshops (part of the Chick Corea Academy), he explains the purpose of music theory. Here was basically what he had to say:

“There’s theory and doing it. You have the theory of music, which is basically words and concepts. It’s like trying to state what the form is or to break it down in words. Like you were doing here. It probably makes sense what you said. It sounded like there was this modal thing. You have to know what modal means and happening that possibly built on major scale. That’s another technical term, a major scale. Half point higher than peddle. So there’s a peddle – that’s another word. This is nomenclature. It’s all agreed upon nomenclature. If you understand the words then you kind of get what’s taught. But what it is, it really is theory. And what I want to say about theory and the way you think about music is that we all have different ways of thinking about music.”

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drumtwo4seven says:

To have a broader understanding.

Toortog says:

For me Music Theory is just labeling sounds so they are easy to remember and be talked about. To me theory is not a set of rules to follow, what someone calls a rule is a term for a combination of sounds that have be used a lot together. The music theoritian is your own ears.

Normalized Audio says:

Cover your ears children. Listen to your instructors.


Ther Is a Music Theory, Born ArUnd the 12th Century, which becames the Basis for all other Theory!

BullHead says:

I really appreciate these insights, thank you

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