ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5 | Question 1 | Extract Analysis

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In these videos I’ll be working my way through ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1-5.

You can get the papers I’m using from http://www.musictheoryhelp.co.uk/practice-papers/

For more like this, join Dave at www.daveconservatoire.org for the full collection of videos and interactive exercises.


Ethan Lam says:

Viola plays in the alto clef.

Cameron Hawer says:

My exams tomorrow oops

Hannah Goh says:

Why is the F enharmonic note not a double flat since the key is f#?

richard0807 says:

Good job, Dave. Just a couple of clarifications: simple vs compound time signatures have nothing to do with the bottom number in any given time signature. For example, 6/4 is a compound (duple) time signature. You seem to suggest that if 4 is at the bottom (i.e. we're counting in crotchets) then it must be a simple t/s. Secondly, you say the cello could play the given extract. The problem with that statement is that, if it were intended for the cello, Mahler would have used the bass or (more likely) the tenor 'C' clef. As far as I'm aware, the cello never uses the treble 'G' clef. Similarly, as I'm sure you know, the viola mainly uses the alto 'C' clef, except when it goes so high in its range that the treble 'G' clef becomes more practical to use. The answer can really only be the violin, therefore.

Hanna Therese says:

I have to pass my grade 5 theory to do my grade 6 violin in the summer

UltimatePokémaster says:

I'm having my exam next week

PAH Musical School Life!! says:

why cannot the 2nd time signature be 4

屎滳仔 (Day仔) says:

Which year is this??

Shootokill says:

holy shit this is better than school mate

Shootokill says:

im doing Grade 5 this December; when should i do grade 5 theory after this? at the moment im planning on the 2nd term next year. Also, if I do grade 5 piano and grade 5 Theory, can i do Grade 8 Piano after that? or would I have to do 6-8?

Megan Jones says:

do all of the exams have the questions in the same order as this?

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